5 Pieces of Fitness Equipment Every Mom Needs at Home

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As a busy mom, you know that you can't go to the gym every single day. In fact, you probably can't get there more than a few times a week. You want to keep fitness a high priority though, so what should you do? The answer? Work out from home! These few pieces of equipment are essential to any mom who plans to complete full workouts from the comfort of her home.

Yoga mat: Yoga is a great way to become more flexible, tone your body and relax. But yoga mats are used for more than just yoga! They are great for Pilates or a cushioned surface to do ab workout on. A yoga mat is essential for any mom who needs to squeeze in a workout during nap time. If you don't have one yet, you can purchase one here.

floor hip stretch

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Resistance band: Using a resistance band in your fitness routine is a great way to tone and tighten your muscles! You can try adding a seated row or a squat step to your routine to change things up or use this Full-Body Resistance Band Workout! Purchase a resistance band online here!


BOSU Ball: A BOSU Ball allows you to get a great workout with only one piece of equipment. You can work your total body with this BOSU exercise, all done in the privacy of your living room! Get one for yourself here.


Stability ball: A stability gives you a range of motion during typical exercise moves that you can't get without it. There are also a lot of moves specifically created for a stability ball. It's great for changing up your workout routine! You can also try sitting on a stability ball when you watch TV to help keep your core engaged and perfect your posture! Click here to purchase one online.

sb reverse chest fly

Hand Weights If you've got bat wings, then you'll want a set of hand weights! Whether you incorporate them into a full workout or just do some simple lifts as you relax in the evening, having a set on hand is always a good idea.  Here's a great set you can order online.

Strong Back Shoulders Dumbbell_RESIZED

What are your favorite pieces of home gym equipment? Share with us in the comments below!