A Different Detox: A Digital Detox

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While you're busy with your head down — surfing the web on your computer or playing Trivia Crack on your phone — the world is happening around you! How long has it been since you went a weekend without checking your social media accounts or answering emails? Truth be told, unless you didn't have service or wifi, it's probably been a few years since you've been without them entirely.

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The world is happening around you, but your devices are how you've been taught to connect with the world. It's hard to have a real experience now; people experience everything through their phones or laptops. They watch a live concert through the screen on their phone while filming it rather than experiencing the true thing. They're too afraid that they'll miss something or forget about it years later. Technology is a way to connect with people halfway across the world and keep videos or pictures of memories long past. But it keeps you from experiencing the world that is constantly around you. It also has the negative ability to connect you with work within a moment's notice from your phone. It puts more stress in your life because there's no way to truly go home and separate yourself from work. Even on vacation, your boss can call you about a problem at work!

Here are just a few negative effects that technology has on us: (via Digital Detox)

  • 61 percent admit to being addicted to the internet and their devices
  • The average American dedicates 30 percent of leisure time to perusing the web
  • The average employee checks 40 websites a day, switching activities 37 times an hour, changing tasks every two minutes
  • However, only 2 percent of people can actually multitask without decline in performance
  • High social media use can trigger an increase in loneliness, jealousy and fear
  • 33 percent of people admit to hiding from family and friends to check social media
  • 60 percent of people say traditional vacation does not relieve their stress

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Hopefully, those statistics have convinced you not to let yourself become a part of the generation that has their hand glued to their phone. You might be in need for what some are calling a digital detox. Two people, Levi Felix and Brooke Dean, even created a company called Digital Detox, that helps others to disconnect from the technology world and reconnect with the world around them.

After a near death experience, Felix chose to travel around the world with Brooke Dean to live a technology-free life. After two years, they created a company that gave the same experience to other people in the form of retreats and meet-ups all over America. People leave their phones at home or check them at the door. No one is even allowed to wear a watch! Everyone just enjoys their experience hanging out and connect with new people.


You can do your own digital detox at home! It takes a lot of adjustment and motivation on your part. You'll be turning off all your devices and separating yourself from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other apps. That's all you have to do though; turn off your phone, laptop, tablets and other devices. There will be no technology allowed! You can start off with a few hours to see if you can actually do it and then progress to a whole day. Before you know it, you'll be device-free for entire weekends! You'll be able to go back to work feeling recharged and ready to accomplish all your work.

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Try out the digital detox and see what you find! Do all the things you've been meaning to do but just didn't have the time; read that book that's been lying on the coffee table for months, learn a new language, meet up with that friend you haven't seen since college, meet new friends or even have some "me" time! Relax and enjoy your separation from the digital world.