Easiest Way to Lose 30 Pounds In a Year

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You do not need expensive gym equipment to trim your waistline and get rid of stubborn pounds; all you need is great pair of comfortable-fitting walking shoes and a good dose of motivation! Walking is the easiest exercise there is, and it is one that brings about results that really last.

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woman tying her gym shoes before a run Why Walking Works: Walking is just as effective as running, which is helpful knowledge for people who hate the jarring that comes with running or jogging for long distances. Walking is a weight-bearing activity, so individuals with more weight will burn more calories than those who have less. A study showed that an individual weighing 110 pounds will burn only half of what a 200 pound person would if they both walked with similar paces and distances.

How does walking work as a calorie burner? Vigorous walking at a steady pace and with consideration for the individual’s endurance causes an increase in metabolism. When a person exerts energy, caloric stores are used up by the body. As a result, you end up losing excess fats where they stubbornly deposit themselves – thighs, hips, waists and even arms. Also, the effects of walking remain even after you have stopped the activity. Walking keeps your metabolism elevated for longer, so more calories are burned.

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Several studies on weight management have proven that walking is far more effective than running, jogging and other exercises. No one has ever said no to walking, as it is a daily activity that’s almost an instinct and it's almost always injury-free.

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Walking Towards Health: According to experts, a good daily 30 minutes of brisk walking, which is considered a moderate physical activity, is sufficient enough to reap health benefits. Unlike gym memberships, walking does not even have to take up any more time from your demanding lifestyle. You can conveniently incorporate your walking workout into your daily schedule without feeling that it is a burdensome weight loss program. Park your car at the farthest end of the lot and walk to work. If you're taking the bus or the subway, get off a stop or two away from your usual, and walk to your destination. Choose stairs instead of elevators. Find out how to burn an additional 100 calories a day by clicking here!

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Fitness gurus, however, recommend about 10,000 steps daily in order to gain specific health perks — namely, lowered blood pressure, lowered risk of health disease, breast cancer prevention and weight loss. While 10,000 steps a day can be overwhelming at first, look at it this way: it's about an hour of brisk walking or roughly 5 miles' distance. Here’s the best part: You don’t have to kill yourself with an hour of rapid steps!

You can customize your walking workout and break down your steps any way you prefer. Go for an early morning walk before breakfast, walk off your dinner pounds or run a couple of errands during the day on foot. Whatever you do, you will be able to achieve leaner and firmer muscles and a renewed energy that is a sign of optimum health. Just 10 days of walking this way will grab a pound off your scale. Do the math: in a year, you will have joyously said goodbye to more than 30 pounds!