Flatten & Firm in 15 Minutes! [VIDEO]

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The core seems to be a tough spot to whittle down. Whether you are carrying a spare tire or you just don't have that hourglass figure you envisioned, we have the moves to tone you up! A good core includes a strong back, so we picked moves that work both the front and the backside of the abdominal wall. Now, we do use a variety of equipment for these moves, but it's well worth it. You can also sub out medicine balls with weights as you see fit! Do each of the seven moves for one minute each, rest for a minute, then repeat!

What you need:

  • stability ball
  • medicine ball
  • sliding disks

Fish Crunches: When doing this move, it's important to make sure you're lifting yourself using your core and not your arm that's resting on the ground. For full instructions, click here.

fish crunches

Stability Ball V-Pass: You should definitely be feeling the burn when you perform this move. It works your entire core! For step-by-step instructions, click here.

stability ball v-pass

Ab Cyclones: This move is a great way to target your abdominals. If the ground is too hard on your back, you can put your hands underneath you, between your butt and lower back. To get the details on this move, click here.

ab cyclone

Boat Pose: This move will test your balance and keep your abs engaged! For an added challenge, pulse your arms up and down! Click here to be taken to the instructions.


Crazy Ivan: Even if you don't have a medicine ball, this is a great move. One modification of this workout is to ditch the weight so it's still an effective move even without equipment! For for instructions, click here.

Crazy Ivans

Ski Abs with Sliding Disks: Start in a forearm plank position, placing a towel under your toes. If your elbows are sore or sensitive, pop up to a pushup plank position. For step-by-step instructions on this move, click here.

ski abs

Feet on Medicine Ball Pushup: Pushups are great to work your arms and back, but with the added medicine ball, your core will be engaged while you keep your balance! For instructions, click here.feet on medicine ball

Remember, do each exercise for one minute straight, and then immediately move onto the next one. After you've completed each exercise, rest for one minute and then complete the entire sequence again. Happy abbing!

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