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You know those twisty ties that hold the bread bag closed? When you're done with them you just pitch them or accidentally have a pile of them in your junk drawer. Well, you should dig out those seemingly useless items out and start using them around your house! They can be used for a variety of things from cleaning to organizing to quick repairs.

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Temporary screw: If you have glasses or another item that has broke but you can't find any tiny screws to fix it, just grab a twist tie! Strip it down to the inside wire. Thread it through the hole and twist it a few times to secure. It's not a permanent fix but it'll do the job.

Organize your electrical cords: Electrical cords tend to be all over the place and can cause the worst mess! All you need to ratify this mess is a few twisty ties. You can even color coordinate your cords this way.

Make a trellis: You can buy a trellis and waste your money, or you can use what you already have in your kitchen. You'll also need those plastic 6-pack rings. Tie them together with a few twisty ties and then attach them to two stakes. Voila, a new trellis! (via EHow)

Quick repairs: If you broke your shoelace, switch it out for twist ties. You can also secure loose buttons, broken necklaces and zipper pulls for twist ties. It's a quick fix for small problems.

Clean and unjam small appliances: When your toaster or razor stops working properly, use your multi-functional twist tie. You can use the twist tie to find any items stuck in your appliances. Be sure they're turned off before you go sticking the twist tie in there, though!

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Bind papers together: When you need to combine pages of loose leaf paper for your new manuscript try a few twist ties. Find a few colored ones to add a little flare!

Loop items together: You can slide your keys, rings, earrings, necklaces and tons of other items onto a twist tie. Then tie it into a ring to loop all the items together. It's a quick, easy way to keep a variety of items together in your house or tool shed!

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Keep pet cage door closed: Some pet owners have issues with pets that are just a little too smart. They've figured out a way to open their own cages! Use a twist tie to securely close their cage door. They won't get out this way!

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Hang Christmas ornaments: Few things are more frustrating than when you take a favorite Christmas decoration out of storage and the handle is missing or broken. Instead of pitching the ornament, find a twist tie and loop it through where the hook would be. Twist it to close the loop and hang it on the tree!

Twist your zippers together: Twist tie your zippers together on your suitcase, backpack, purse or tote when you travel. It will keep them closed and be a good indicator for which bag is yours at baggage claim!

Stitch holders and markers for knitters: When you really get into knitting, you need all the accessories like holders for your needles and such. Those can get expensive though! You can easily use what you already have in your house like those twist ties. You can color code them based on needle size, or you can use the twist ties to help the stitches you're not working with.

Train vines and plants: You can buy twist ties for gardening, but why not just use the ones you already have in your house? Tie your plants or vines to a stake, so they'll grow properly. If it's a baby plant, be sure to tie the twist ties loosely and check in on the plant as it grows. You don't want to strangle the little thing.

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Keep your pens together: Do you have problems keeping all your pens in one place? They're probably sliding around at the bottom of your purse or lying useless in some hidden alcove of your junk drawer. Use a twist tie to keep all your pens together, so they're all in one place where you'll be sure to find them!

Keep your earbuds untangled: Earbuds always get tangled up, no matter where they are or where they've been! Tie them up with a few twist ties, so you'll never have to worry about unknotting them again.

Source: Mother Nature Network

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