The Couch Potato Workout: Moves To Do During Commercial Breaks

| Weight Loss

woman sitting on couch watching tv and holding a remote

Choosing between the newest episode of "Scandal" and getting in your workout is too close of a call sometimes. It's not like we're trying to neglect our abs and glutes, it's just that we need to know what delicious piece of man candy strikes Olivia Pope's fancy this week. For those nights when vegging out in front of the TV is too inviting of an offer to refuse, we created the Couch Potato Workout!

For this workout, you won't need any equipment. All you'll need is the willpower to get up off the couch at every commercial break! For an hour-long TV show, you'll do three moves during each commercial break for 60 seconds each. If the break goes longer than three minutes, repeat the cycle until your show is back on. Good luck!


Plié Squat: Plié squats target your hamstrings, quads and glutes. Do them for 60 seconds, and then move on to the kickback pulse. Click here to see how to do plié squats!

Inch Worm: This move works your entire body; just be sure to keep your core engaged to get the most out of it! Here's how to do the inch worm.


Kickback Pulse: You'll feel the burn in your glutes with the kickback pulse! Focus on your left leg for the first 30 seconds, and then switch to your right leg for the final 30. Here's how to do it!


Bicycle Crunch: To really target your abs, try the bicycle crunch. It also helps to open up your hip flexors, and works your glutes as well! Stay strong for 60 seconds to kick off the second commercial break. Here's how to do it!

Plank Jacks: If you're looking for a little cardio, this move is perfect for you. After this minute of plank jacks, your heart will be racing almost as fast as it does during Olivia Pope's and the President's rendezvous. Click here to check it out!

plank jack

Forearm Plank: You didn't think you were getting away without a plank, did you? Try doing the forearm plank for a straight 60 seconds. If you can't make it that long, you can drop to your knees and rest for 5-10 seconds. Here's how to do it.


Kickback Pulse: Make sure that your leg is parallel with the floor and your hips are squared when performing this move! Click here for a refresher if you need one.

Bicycle Crunch: It's important to remember to use your core to crunch up toward your knees. If you're using your neck or back to do most of the work, you could wind up with an injury. Here's how to do the bicycle crunch.


Inch Worm: Remember to keep a tight core and a straight back when inching forward! Here's a reminder of how to do the inch worm.


Plank Jacks: Keep your tummy tucked in and engaged! The plank jack can be tiring after a few reps, but it gets results! Click here for a refresher.

Forearm Plank: Your back should be straight, your butt should be low and your core should be engaged. Hold it for 60 seconds! Here's how.

forearm plank

Plié Squat: Sink into this squat and feel the burn in your thighs and hamstrings. Do as many as you can in 60 seconds. Click here to see how to do a plié squat.


Inch Worm: For the last commercial break, you'll do the inch worm one last time. You can do it! Here's how it's done.

Kickback Pulse: For the second-to-last move of the Couch Potato Workout, do kickback pulses for 30 seconds each on each leg. Here's how to do it.

resistance band kickback pulse

Bicycle Crunch: Get your elbows to your knees! You're almost finished! Click here to see how to do the bicycle crunch.

Congrats! You made it to the end of the workout. Now sit back and enjoy the last couple minutes of your show!