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You know you have a stash of paper clips lying somewhere around your house, probably in your office. When you can't find a stapler you're relegated to using paper clips instead to keep all those papers together. In our lovely modern age, paper clips aren't just silver anymore. They come in a rainbow of colors and you don't have to use them as clips for just your papers anymore. Find out other ways you can be using paper clips!

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Hang ornaments: Sometimes your favorite ornaments come out of the storage boxes missing hooks. You won't be abel to hang them on your tree now! Don't worry though, this can be easily fixed. Take your paper clip and unbend it a little and thread it through where the hook used to be. Now your ornament is good as new!

Cleaning finger and toenails: Getting all that dirt and grit out from under your nails is a pesky, frustrating job. It's tough to find an object that can get all the dirt out too! Use the rounded part of a paper clip to clean out that mess under your nails.

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Fish hook: Just unbend the paper clip a bit and attach it to your fishing line! Now you have another fish hook in case of emergencies like the time that 16-pound bass you almost had that got away — and took your hook with it.

Letter opener: Don't have a fancy letter opener lying around? That's okay, use that paper clip you have lying around instead. You won't have to rip through another envelope again and worry that you ripped the letter inside, too!

Lottery ticket scratcher: Feeling lucky today? Go get that lottery ticket and paper clip. Scratch and see if you're a winner! It also works for scratching off the silver area on gift cards.

Emergency bread tie: To avoid stale bread, make sure you have a paper clip on you. Take the clip and unbend it, then wrap it around the bread bag to keep it nice and fresh.

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Nail art: Say you want to add a little extra to your nails this week. Take the sharp end of the paper clip and very lightly draw your design in the drying paint. Or tip the end of the paper clip into the nail polish to make a dot design.

Earrings: Paper clips work great for earrings too! Use them the same way you need for the ornaments, but instead of putting them on a tree put it through your ear piercing. Don't forget to sterilize it first!

Unclogging nozzles: It's craft time and the glue isn't coming out of the bottle! Grab one of those colorful paper clips and stick the pointy end into the nozzle to clear out the dried up junk. It can also be used on spray can nozzles as well as salt and pepper shakers.

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Key chain: In desperate need of a key chain? Just unbend one end a bit and slip your keys on for a makeshift key chain. You won't have to worry about running out right this minute to grab yourself a new key chain.

Easter egg dipper: Want to create a multi-colored Easter egg but don't want to dye your fingers too? Take one of those paper clips and unbend it. Then bend half of it into a circle to lay the egg on. The other half of the paper clip will be used for you to hold for a mess-free Easter egg.

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Hair barrette: With all the different colored paper clips nowadays, you can even color coordinate it with your outfit! Or try making a nifty hair accessory out of the paper clips.

Florist wire: For a quick and easy way to tie your flowers together, a paper clip will do just fine. Unbend the paper clip and rewrap it around the flowers. It'll keep your flowers together and is a great substitute for florist wire.

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Money clip: Having trouble keeping all your hundreds together? Or maybe you just lost your wallet? A paper clip will be a great solution. Use it like you would to keep paper together. You can even use a separate one to keep all your credit cards together until you get a new wallet.

Pick a lock: Don't assume this hack is for devious purposes. Use this skill for good, not evil! If you locked yourself out once again, try picking the lock with a paper clip. It'll take two paper clips for this one and a couple of tries, but you should be able to unlock almost any door.

Opening DVD player: When your DVD player gets stuck, use the sharp end of a paper clip to pop it open. You can finally stop watching that same DVD over and over again!

Shaker contents: Want to join a band as a tambourine player, but don't have a tambourine? Don't worry! Until you get hired to play the tambourine for your favorite band, put paper clips in a jar to practice your rhythm.

Pit a cherry: Those fruits are so tiny and delicious, but it can get annoying to have to spit out the pit every single time. Pit the cherry using the sharp end of a paper clip next time for a spit-free snack!


Hair remover: It's always difficult to get all the hair out of your hairbrush. Take your paperclip and use it to get between the bristles for all those leftover hairs. It's nice to finally have a clean hairbrush, isn't it?

Guitar pick: Lost your guitar pick and have a hankering to play? Grab that paper clip lying around for your next jam session.

Remove excess grout: Take the sharp end of a paper clip to scrape all that grout out from between your tiles. All those black lines will be gone because you finally were able to clean out all the dirt!

Scratch off flakey skin: Have flakey, dry skin? Grossed out when it just starts flaking off on its own? Take a paper clip and start scratching it off yourself. It's ideal for tough areas like the bottom of your feet.

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Buttons: Ugh, that button halfway down your shirt went missing! If you don't have time to sew on a new one, grab a paper clip and thread it through the holes to keep your shirt closed. If you want to take it up a notch you can just put paper clips through all the holes and start a new trend!

Reset your device: Most electronic devices have a button labeled "reset," but those buttons are so tiny and hard to reach! Take the sharp end of your paper clip and press the button. Now you can reset your device and get it working properly.

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