Exercises for People with Joint Pain

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Joint pain can be a hassle for anyone because if you think about it, we use our joints everyday. You use your pivot joint (neck joint) to turn your head side to side. You also use your knee joint to tie your shoes. So, when you can't use most of your joints due to pain, it can be a bummer to say the least. Staying fit with joint pain can be tricky, but these exercises can make it a little easier. Those aching joints will thank you later!

joint pain

Walking: Simple things like walking around your neighborhood can benefit you. It's recommended that you walk at least three days a week for 10 minutes. It's a good way to take baby steps (no pun intended) by not pushing yourself too hard, too fast. Once you get comfortable with your routine,try walking a bit farther. Walking helps you take the pressure off your joints by compressing and releasing the cartilage from the knee joints. Next, the cartilage in the joint is replaced by oxygen. (via Lifescript)

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Yoga: Yoga is the perfect exercise to do if you have joint pain because it strengthens, promotes balance, reduces inflammation and helps with the mobility of your joints. It's also easy because yoga is all about soft movements, so you wouldn't have to worry about doing an exercise that's hard on your joints. It can also ease your mind and give you a positive outlook about your pain. It's all about mind over matter! So grab your cute yoga mat and you'll be ready to go!

Swimming: This is an exercise that is low in impact, and you definitely want a lower impact on your joints so they won't hurt. The lukewarm water of the pool soothes your joints, which makes it easy for you to glide through the water like a professional. Unlike running, swimming reduces the strain on your bones by allowing you to have the pleasure of floating or rising in the water. (via The Healthy Back and SierraSil)

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Cycling: Cycling helps you tremendously because it doesn't involve much rotation movement. When you cycle, your joints are moving in one direction. That's not the only benefit; it also puts the right amount of pressure on your joints. That sounds crazy, but it's true. If you don't move them, your joint pain could turn into arthritis later in life, and you don't want that! You also need to be gentle on your joints when you cycle because too much pressure could end up hurting you.


Belly dancing: Get your Shakira moves ready! Most people think this just involves your belly, but belly dancing moves all of your joints. Since it's a non-impact exercise, it's great for people who want to take it easy on their joints. Belly dancing improves flexibility in your joints and increases bone strength. It's enjoyable and you could play some sexy tunes to spice up the exercise!

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Zumba: Everyone loves it! If you haven't heard, it's a dance and fitness movement that is a big trend as of recent years. You can work out from home with a DVD, or your local gym may have an instructor that teaches a class. It increases the elasticity and flexibility in your joints. It helps take your mind off the pain because of the upbeat songs that are played during the exercise.

Swimming, yoga, zumba, cycling, belly dancing or walking are all great exercises that benefit your joints. You don't have to be a victim to your joint pain! Just know that you have the power to control your life. Remember, always talk to your doctor before attempting any of these exercises. If you get the okay from your doctor, you are set to go!