Burpee With Gliders

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Move Targets: Core, Quads and Shoulders


Step 1: Stand tall with each foot on top of a glider. Your feet should be under your hips.


Step 2: Lower the body down until your hands are on the floor on the outside of your legs.


Step 3: Slide the feet behind you until you get into a high plank position. Shoulders are over the wrists, hips are locked into place (no sagging or piking) and feet are still hip-width or about 6 to 8 inches apart.


Step 4: While you're there, drop into your pushup! Real Mom Model Jean Sherfick shows a tricep pushup here, but you can perform a traditional pushup with the elbowspointing at a 45-degree angle behind you, or drop to your knees. Just keep your feet on the floor and on top of the gliders.


Step 5: Exhale and push yourself out of the pushup, returning to your plank. Inhale here.


Step 6: Exhale again as you slide the knees back under you until your feet are completely under your hips again.


Step 7: Use the power of your squatted position to explode upward into a vertical jump or stand and raise your arms overhead. Be sure to land directly back on the gliders to perform the next rep.


Modification: Drop to your knees for the pushup; perform the burpee with your hands on an elevated surface like a bench or step.

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