Curtsy Lunge With Gliders

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Move Targets: Glutes and Thighs


Step 1: Stand with your feet under your hips with one foot in the center of the glider. The heel can be behind it since it will lift off of the floor at the full extension of the movement. Stand tall with the abs braced.


Step 2: Inhale and slide the leg behind you at a diagonal so it not only goes backward, but to the other side. Your legs create a crossed formation, bending in both knees. The front knee must stay behind the toes of the front front. Try to get the back knee as close to the floor as possible. Exhale and push through the front leg to return to the starting position.


Real Mom Model: Jean Sherfick Top: Teardrop Cami in Bright Blue Bottom: Affinity Black Yoga Leggings

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