Hip Rotation With Gliders

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Move Targets: Core and Thighs


Step 1: Position your hands as needed to allow full extension of your body without any bend at the hips or knees. Brace your torso by engaging your core muscles. Contract your glutes and quadriceps (butt and thigh muscles), and align your head with your spine. Place your feet together with your toes tucked towards your shins. Have each foot on top of a glider.


Step 2: Exhale and gently draw one foot in front of the other as your hips rotate to the same side your foot is moving. Do NOT allow your hips and low back to pitch upwards or sag down towards the floor.


Step 3: Continue to move until your hips cannot rotate any further. Your head and shoulder should remain level throughout the exercise. Pause very briefly.


Step 4: Reverse the rotation until you return to the starting position. Immediately perform the rotation on the other side.


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