Is Weight Loss Really Made in the Kitchen?

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People always tell you how important it is to go to the gym to lose weight. When you’re up late at night you see paid advertisements about workout videos that fitness gurus want you to buy. The other end of the spectrum is where some people focus on eating right. Is weight loss really made in the kitchen? The answer may just be right under your nose.


Nutritional biochemist Shawn M. Talbott, PhD., says that “weight loss is 75% eating healthy and the 25% exercise.” Studies have shown that it takes longer for people to lose weight without incorporating a healthy diet. It took only 15 weeks for a person to lose 23 pounds because they stuck to eating clean with no exercise. On the flip side, it took 21 weeks for a person to lose weight when they were using exercise as their only tool.

Beans: You will be surprised by some of the foods that help you lose weight. The first one? Beans! Beans have so many nutritional benefits because they have a lot of fiber in them and take your body longer to digest. Foods with fiber are great because they make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Beans can be your snack because they can hold you over until dinner, or you can just add them to your dinner! You win either way. (via WebMD)

Fish: Another food that does the body good is fish, and the awesome thing about fish is that you have a ton of options on which kind of fish you would like to eat. Tuna, salmon and cod fish are all options. It also has leptin in it, which is a fat-burning hormone that allows you to suppress your appetite. Think before you pass up the frozen fish aisle!

Greens: Kale and broccoli are the green machines that help you as well. They have sulforaphane in them, which sparks your enzymes to burn off the fat.


Chili peppers: If you're into spicy foods, you’re in luck, because chili peppers are on your team. They have a hormone called capsaicin that kills your hunger hormone serotonin.

Oatmeal: Some people do a lot of decision-making when choosing what to have for breakfast, but what if you didn’t have to make a big decision? Well, oatmeal is here for you. It’s inexpensive and easy to make; just pop it in the microwave or make it over the stove top. Either way, oatmeal is said to be a resistant starch. A resistant starch aids in preventing you from storing more fat and it helps you burn fat after your meal  for the day.

Bananas: Looking to add something to your oatmeal? Try a banana; it will have you screaming b-a-n-a-n-a-s! The banana is also a resistant starch that not only burns fat, but it makes you feel fuller like most of the foods mentioned above.

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Green tea: Let’s take a break from food and move on to liquids. Everyone at some point in their life has had tea stored up in their cabinets for months on end. If you find green tea in your pantry, you're in luck. It aids in weight loss. How? According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea contains catechins in them. A catechin is a phytochemical that speeds up your metabolism.

green tea

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Fat-free milk: When you open up the fridge, you may see some fat-free milk. According to a research study done by Michael Zemel, PhD., calcium has the power to lower your body weight. This process starts when the dietary energy is turned into heat and not body fat. Then, the heat kills the body fat!

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When you're thinking about starting a healthy lifestyle, know that you don’t have to spend hours torturing yourself at the gym to lose weight; you can do it by eating healthy! Not to say that exercising doesn’t help, but choosing what is right for you is an important step on your weight loss journey. Some people may like working out and others may want to stick to eating healthy. Eating right to lose weight can save you time, as well as discipline your bad-eating habits!