Squatted Leg Circles with Gliders

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Move Targets: Glutes and Thighs


Step 1: Stand with your feet parallel, hip-width apart with either foot on a glider. Your hands are in a comfortable position to help you maintain your balance during the exercise. Keep your head over your shoulder and your chin tipped and slightly upward. Shift your weight onto your heels. Engage your abdominals to stabilized the spine. Pull the shoulder blades down and back. Try to maintain these engagements throughout the exercise. 


Step 2: Inhale and slowly slide one leg slightly in front of you while keeping your weight in the other heel. Both feet are still facing forward. The heels of both feet should stay flat on the floor. Your arms can be positioned where necessary to help maintain your balance.


Step 3: Exhale and slide the leg around to the side, keeping the weight firmly in your stationary leg.


Step 4: Finally slide it to the back and return to the starting position to complete this move.



Real Mom Model: Jean Sherfick Top: Teardrop Cami in Bright Blue Bottom: Affinity Black Yoga Leggings

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