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You know olive oil as a cooking ingredient, and it can be found in any Italian restaurant. It gives chicken that nice golden brown look and it can deep fry chicken wings. If you took a step back from using olive oil for only cooking, you might find that it has other uses, too. You might be amazed at all the other ways you could be using olive oil!

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Dust remover: Dusting can be such a pain! The end result just means spreading the dust around even more. If you apply some olive oil to your rag though, it can easily clean up your dusty coffee table or other furniture. The slick base from the oil will cause the dust particles to push off on contact. It'll work so well that you might consider throwing away your chemical cleaning solutions!

Vitamin supplement: Take two tablespoons of olive oil to get an extra dose of vitamins and minerals. A small label on every bottle of olive oil can tell you that it has been known to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, regulate cholesterol and produce omega-3s.

Makeup remover: Some eyeshadows and mascaras can be a real pain to wipe off, especially when they're oil-based. Soap and water alone won't do the trick. Apply a little bit of olive oil on your makeup so it can be removed with just a few scrubs.

Shining solutions for stainless steel: When you use chemical solutions to shine your stainless steel, it looks good but can corrode over time. The solutions you use have strong, harsh chemicals that often have abrasive formulas. Use olive oil next time as a shinning substitute! You'll get the same sheen but without the corroding or dullness that other chemicals might give it.

Skin conditioner: In the winter, your skin can dry out fast and become easily chapped. An easy fix is to massage olive oil into your skin during or after a shower. For hands and feet, put on socks or mittens during the night so the olive oil will stay in place. The results the next day will be astonishing! You can also use it on chapped lips and to soften your cuticles.

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Zipper lubricant: Have a stuck zipper? Put a few drops on one side and spread it around on both sides with a cotton swab. You'll be able to zip up your coat again in no time!

Hairball prevention: Cats often get hairballs because of self-grooming. They eat so much of their own fur that over time it becomes too much for their stomachs. You can avoid a hacking cat just by adding olive oil to their food. It will make your cat's tongue too slippery for fur to latch on and will prevent hairballs!

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Oil burner: Ancient civilizations used olive oil for light so why can't we? When your electricity goes out grab your bottle of olive oil. Use a few drops to make yourself a makeshift light! (via Life Hackery)

Soap ingredient: Homemade soaps really let you express your creativity and are great gifts! Use olive oil in your soap mixture to create a soap that is great for your skin. It won't just kill germs, but will be able to keep your skin nice and smooth.

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Door hinge lubricant: If that squeaky door is really getting on your nerves, just get out your olive oil! Use a few drops of olive oil to get a loose and squeak-free door. You'll even be able to avoid having a jammed door.

Shaving cream substitute: Shaving cream has always been the go-to product when you need to shave. Try using olive oil next time though, and you might make the change permanent. The olive oil has a slick base to provide better traction for your razor!

Acne treatment: Olive oil has many health benefits like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good solution for acne breakouts. It can also remove scars caused by acne! Apply a small amount of olive oil to the scar and massage in a circular motion. You'll be surprised at how fast your acne scars disappear!

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Polish: Wood is often exposed to dirt and dust, especially over time. You might have trouble keeping it shining like new. What you need to keep your wood furniture looking nice is vinegar and olive oil. Combine one part vinegar with two parts olive oil in a spray bottle. Then spray the surface and wipe until clean. Wait for about two minutes and wipe down with a clean cloth. Your wood furniture will look like you just bought it!

Paint proofer: Painting can be fun until you find the paint in other places that aren't your walls. Thankfully, olive oil can help you remove paint from your hands and hair. It can be easily removed; just dab a bit of olive oil on a cotton ball and rub away the paint!

Source: Nature Hacks and Life Hackery