The Best Plants for Fresh Air in Your Home

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No matter how clean we try to keep our homes, it is inevitable that odors and chemicals will pollute the indoor air. Whether it's from furniture, cleaning supplies or even air freshener, harmful chemicals linger in the air even when you can't observe them. To combat those chemicals, try putting live plants in your home! Aside from being a great centerpiece or accent, they can help get rid of those chemicals — plus they add oxygen to the air that you and your family breathes every day! Check out which plants are the healthiest for your home according to Health.

English ivy: Available in all kinds of colors and shapes, this climbing vine helps clear out formaldehyde. It’s superversatile, too: You can grow it in hanging baskets, low planters, or even as a topiary. It needs regular misting, though, especially during winter.

english ivy

Bamboo palm: Great at removing formaldehyde from the air, the bamboo palm is also low-maintenance: Just put it where it’ll get a couple of hours of direct sunlight, and water it regularly.

bamboo palm

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Peace lily: A pro at removing a laundry list of toxins, including acetone, benzene, alcohols, and ammonia, the peace lily is the only air-cleaning plant on our list that flowers. To keep it healthy and insect-free, you’ll need to wash the leaves occasionally.

peace lily

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Lady palm: This plant clears your air of chemicals, including ammonia, and is highly resistant to insects. It’s fairly easy to care for, but you’ll need to trim the leaf tips if they turn brown from a buildup of salt and minerals.

lady palm

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