You Know You’re A Health Nut When…

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Healthy living is something that we all want to achieve. You want to be the one that lives the healthy lifestyle so you can shed some pounds and feel better about yourself! Who doesn't want to do that? You can't turn on the TV without someone talking about green smoothies or exercise, and after a while you internalize the healthy talk. It's a fine line between a habit and an obsession. Here are some ways to find out if you’re a health nut.

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Whole Foods is your home: Yes, Whole Foods is a very inviting place. They have the bright lights, glossy floors and a beautiful produce section. What more could a girl ask for? Mindlessly shopping in there just to be in the presence of healthy food five days a week can make you seem like a health fanatic.

You have more workout attire than regular clothes: Workout clothes make your bottom look better, and that’s a plus. It gives you that smooth and sexy look that you want. About 90 percent of the clothes in your closet are workout attire, and you know it. You have yoga pants, sports bra and fitted shirts galore, and most of your closet is filled with gym shoes as well. Your "normal" clothes are shoved to the side of the closet you never check. Researchers in a 2012 study found out that we experience enclothed cognition, which means that the clothes we wear have a lot to do with our psychological process. Therefore, just wearing workout attire motivates us to exercise!

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 You’re an avid label reader: Every time you shop at the grocery store, it takes forever for you to get out of there because you're looking at every little detail like your life depends on it. You’re checking things off in your head while you go down the ingredients list. If something doesn’t look right on the label, you put it back on the shelf where it belongs. Just the thought of eating food that has no label information on it is out of the question for you! It's not going to happen.

Friends are shocked when you order something unhealthy: Before you were a health nut, you dived into all of the delicious restaurant food your body could handle with your friends. Now, every time you go out to eat, you order anything that has the word "salad" by it, but if you ever decide to switch it up a little bit, everyone is shocked!

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You judge other people’s grocery store items: Your basket is filled with fruits, veggies, protein and healthy snacks. And when you take a closer look inside another person's basket and you see candy, red meat, potato chips and tons of other unhealthy foods it makes you want to scream. How dare they throw a box of doughnuts in their cart? And the amount of high fructose corn syrup in those Oreos makes your head spin!

You have different kinds of tea stored in your pantry: The list goes on and on with the amount of tea you have. You're more than likely to have white, green, black or kombucha tea. All of the benefits of tea are stuck in your mind and you can probably say all of them in your sleep.

You want to lose more weight than you need to: You’ve reached your goal weight, but you want to lose another 10 pounds. Your family and friends say that you don’t need to because you are already skinny, but you go on another diet to lose the weight that you think you have.

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Being a health nut can limit the fun out of life. Yes, you work very hard to have your dream body, but turning into a health nut can make people around you feel like they can't do or eat anything without you judging them. You may be a health nut, but you can still live a healthy lifestyle without going too far!