The Healthy Way of Handling Heartburn During Pregnancy

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Heartburn can be a pain to any woman, but pregnant women get it as well. According to MedicineNet, heartburn occurs when you have stomach acid backed up in your esophagus, which leads to a burning sensation in your chest. You’re carrying a life in that tummy of yours and that comes with symptoms! According to Livestrong, heartburn in pregnant women comes from your digestive system being slow due to a rise in progesterone, which helps stabilize the lining of your uterus. To make your pregnancy go smoother, here are some healthy ways of handling heartburn.

heartburn pregnant

Eat slowly. Taking the time to digest your food can really help prevent heartburn. When you stuff food down your throat quickly, it causes heartburn because your stomach acids are easily able to go up to the esophagus. The food isn’t going to run away from you, so just enjoy it! A bonus tip is that when you eat slowly, you're less than likely to overeat because your stomach tells your brain that it's full. Make sure you plan out your breakfast, lunch and dinner so you don’t have to be rushed while eating.

Be active after your meal. You already know you need to be active during your pregnancy in order to deliver your baby easier, but all you want to do after eating a good meal is to lay down and chill out. Remember, doing so can cause your heartburn to worsen, because when you lay down, you change the position of your stomach, exposing your esophagus to even more acid. Just think about your stomach being on the same level as your throat. Weird, right? Well, you're positioned this way every time you go to sleep at night. That’s why it’s so important to move after you eat. You could take a walk or do some stretching; just being active can prevent heartburn from hitting you after you eat.

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Know the triggers: Avoid things like fats, chocolate, tomato juice, citrus, tea and spicy foods. Meats are part of this list too. You’re probably thinking that grains wouldn’t trigger heartburn. Think again because, macaroni and spaghetti are things you can’t really eat either. Strawberry milk sounds amazing, right? Well, dairy is out of the question because it’s full of acid when digested, which causes your heartburn to get worse.


Don’t wear tight clothes: What? You actually have to shop in the maternity section? Yes, you do. Wearing baggy clothes takes the pressure off of your stomach. Tight-fitting clothes can put unnecessary pressure on your stomach, which causes heartburn. A word of advice: stick to loose-fitting clothes when you're pregnant.

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Don’t eat before going to bed. During pregnancy, your cravings get out of whack because you're eating for two. Late-night snacks are very comforting, but you should avoid eating three hours before bedtime. The reason behind this is because eating increases your stomach acid levels and going straight to bed after eating doesn’t help. Let yourself digest food for about three hours before going to bed.

Sleep in an upright position: Sleeping with two pillows under your head works because it prevents acids from coming back up. Yes, this may feel awkward, but after a while you'll get the hang of it. Sleeping flat on your back will cause the stomach acids to enter the esophagus. Just image a night free from heartburn. So, prop your head up on those pillows and get your sleep on!

Keep all of these tips in mind because the last thing you want is to deal with heartburn after a long day of carrying a growing life inside of you! These tips are not only helpful, but healthy too so you can ease your heartburn the healthy way!