You Know You're An Exercise Addict When...

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It’s probably been a gradual transition, going from a chocolate addict to someone who passes on the doughnuts at work. People probably give you funny looks or scoff when you say you can’t go out on a Friday night because you have a race early Saturday morning. Maybe you miss those subtle cues from other people that you’ve jumped on the fitness freak train, but here are some things to look out for if you’re wondering whether or not you’re addicted to exercise.

You wear your fitness tracker in place of your watch. Who cares if hot pink doesn’t match your navy blazer? You’d rather know how many calories you’re burning when you walk to the restroom on the other end of the building.

You own more sports bras than regular bras. Not only that, but you have favorites for each workout. Yoga and cardio absolutely require different levels of support.

Your workout schedule takes precedence over most plans during the week. Dirty dishes might be piled in the sink and dust bunnies are circling the furniture, but that can wait. They’ll still be there after Pilates.

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You consider an apple to be a treat. When everyone else pulls out cookies or brownies at lunch, you get excited about that crisp, juicy apple in your bag.

You have a collection of workout shoes. Never would you don those bright yellow Nike Frees for your long run of the week. That’s what your Mizunos are for, right? Click here to find to the best shoes for weightlifting.

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You limit yourself to one drink on Friday night. You have a WOD the next morning. Your friends are lucky you even agreed to join them!

You love being sore. If you aren’t, you wonder if you didn’t work out hard enough. So what if you have to walk down the stairs backwards to ease the pain? It’s good pain.

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 You have a cardio machine you use regularly at the gym. When someone else is on it when you get there, you shoot them dirty looks and reluctantly climb onto one a few machines down or do something else until they’re finished.

Suddenly “I’m sore” isn’t specific enough. You say things like, “My IT Band is super tight” or “My hip flexors are killing me.” Everyone else is like, “Is that a car part?”

Your idea of fun is a new fitness challenge. You plan vacations around races and act like a kid on Christmas when you sign up for a new bootcamp class. Check out these ideas for daily fitness challenges.

If you’re nodding your head and saying, “I do that!” then it’s safe to say you’re addicted to exercise. There are likely many other indicators, but the most important thing is that you don’t let yourself become that annoying, judgmental fitness fanatic. Understand that many people don’t share the love you’ve found at the gym or out on the running trails. What matters is that you feel good and living fit is awesome.

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