25 Unique Gifts for Valentine's Day

| Valentine's Day

Looking for unique gifts to hand out on the 14th? We've got you covered. These gifts are for everyone in your life — girls, guys, old, young... even a few ideas for yourself! Valentine's Day is for spreading love, and a fun unique gift with a  handwritten card is a great way to show someone you care!

Date Night In: This book features 120 recipes, perfectly portioned for 2 people. With this cute cookbook, you can rekindle the romance in your relationship! Click here to order a copy.

date night in
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Next Level Snoozing Pillow Sham Set: Make your room fun and cozy with these pillow shams! They are perfect for any couple with a geeky gamer side! Get your set here.

next level snoozing pillow sham set
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And The Heartbeat Goes On Tee: Remind hubby (and yourself) that you've got love to give with this adorable and comfortable tee! Click here for shirt details.

and the heartbeat goes on tee
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Q&A a Day 3-Year Journal: Take a minute out of your day to answer a question about your partner. Each question will be answered on the same day for three years in a row so you can look back and see how you've grown! Order one now!

q and a a day
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Embrace the Mess Spoon Rest: Instead of setting dirty cooking spoons on the counter, put it on your spoon rest! This is an adorable little trinket to treat your most beloved cook with! You can see it online here.

embrace the mess
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Love to Bake Measuring Set: This makes for another great gift for a friend who bakes! It's also a great way to hint you need some more tasty treats! Purchase these online here.

love to bake measuring set
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I'm in Spatu-Love: To complete your love-themed baking gift set, you'll need this heart-shaped spatula! Whether it's for a skinny pancake recipe or for getting your favorite cookies off the pan, this will make a great addition to their cookware! Order it here.

im in spatu-love
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Revered Residence Wall Mirror: Tell your friend you love them with this wall mirror! Not only is it a great decoration, but you can attach a note telling them just how lovely they are, both inside and out! Click here to order.

revered residence wall mirror
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Why You're So Awesome: Each page is a fill-in-the-blank card. Fill it in, rip it out and give it to someone you care about! It's a great way to remind a friend how great they are. Check it out here.

why youre so awesome
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Crushin' on Curls Hair Rollers: If you have a friend who loves to do her hair, this is a great gift! It's unique and thoughtful! These heart-shaped soft curlers have gotten good reviews by many who have tried them, which you can read here.

crushin on curls
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Me Without You: "Me without you is like sky without blue." Remind someone you love them with this adorable picture book, all in rhymes! It's a great for a long-distance boyfriend, friend or relative! Click here to purchase online.

me without you
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Luckiest Guy in the World Mug: If you've agreed to keep V-Day casual this year, this is a great gift to give to your husband. It's functional and funny! Click here to order one.

luckiest guy in the world
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Slate Heart Server: This makes a great gift for the friend that is always hosting girls night! Show her you appreciate it with this classy platter.

slate heart server
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Love is Art Kit: This gift is a very unique way to spice up the bedroom. Bring the canvas and paint into the bedroom and display it on the wall later for a dirty little secret. Click here for more info!

love is art kit
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12 Ways to Say I Love You: Let your significant other know just how much you love them with this hand-bound book. You can make it as personal and creative as you want, and it's a great way to avoid a typical "cookie cutter" gift. Click here for details.

12 ways to say i love you
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Horseshoe Heart Trivet: A horseshoe is the classic sign for good luck; pair it with a heart and you're sure to have luck with love. Give this to a couple or a friend to show that you care! Click here to purchase.

horseshoe heart trivet
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Anatomical Heart Pendent: Need a gift for an unconventional friend or lover? This anatomically correct heart is a fun way to share the love this valentines day! Click here to order online.

anatomical heart pendent
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Lil' Mib: Lil' Mib, or Message In a Box, is a fun way to tell your husband and kids that you love them, literally! Record a message and raise the flag so they know there's something to listen to! You can even change the pitch and have endless fun leaving your partner silly messages. Click here for more information.

lil mib
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Love Carries All Print: Show your loved one that your love for them is so strong it could lift an elephant! This is a great print to send to newlyweds or to give to your significant other. Click here to check it out.

love carries all
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Kid's Heart Scarf: Keep your little one warm with love... and with this scarf! It's a great way to send them off in the cold with a reminder that you love them. Click here to purchase.

heart scarf
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JD Wolfe Heart Bowls: Hand crafted, these dishes are an adorable gift for someone you love! Better yet, fill them with something delicious like our Skinny Chocolate-Stuffed Raspberries or the Skinny Blueberry Almond Trail Mix and present it to them that way! You can purchase the bowls online here.

JD Wolfe heart bowls
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Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug: Watch as your life refills when you pour yourself a hot cup of coffee. Give this gift to a friend for some geeky fun! You can see details online by clicking here.

pixel heart heat changing mug
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Love You & Love You More Pillowcases: Enjoy a playful argument over who gets the "love you more" pillow when you put these on the bed! With these pillows, you can never go to sleep angry. Buy them online here.

love you more pillow case
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Grow Me Hot Stuff: Spice up your relationship... literally. Tell your partner how hot you think they are with this fun gift box to grown your own peppers! Click here for more information.

grow me hot stuff
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Love Tokens: Have some fun with these redeemable love tokens for your significant other! It's a fun and flirty way to connect with your lover! Click here to purchase.

love token
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