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Velcro is a great invention; it's there to make our lives easier. You can find it on children's shoes, various pieces of clothing, and it's even used on space suits! It's highly durable and very useful. Velcro was created in 1952 by George de Mestral and has been helping humankind ever since. Check out a few ways this invention can help make your life easier!

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Remote controls: Here's a handy tip to keep your remote controls from wandering off. Sometimes you can never find those remotes, but stick a bit of Velcro to your side table or the wall near your TV and stick the opposite side onto the back of your remotes to keep them all in one place!

Organize your wires: Having an outlet with bunches of cords can be a hazard. You don't want to trip over anything, not to mention the tangled mess the cords are properly in! Wrap your wildest wires in double sided velcro tape to tame them.

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Hang pictures: When you don't have a hook handy use a bit of Velcro to hang your pictures up. You can use a Velcro strip and hang multiple pictures up or just use the dots for one photo. You can easily change the photos out whenever you want.

Accessories: Getting all your necklaces, earrings and rings tangled up can be the start of a really horrible day. Take a canvas and cover it with felt or Velcro. Then loop strips of Velcro around your accessories and hang them on the wall. No more having to spend hours trying to untangle your favorite necklaces again!

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Laptop bag: When you're in a rush to get somewhere, your purse can be your worst enemy. It's filled with everything you need for a trip out but it can get so cluttered! Use strips of Velcro to organize your purse. It'll keep everything tidy, so the next time you need to find something you don't need to go digging around in your purse.

No-slide drawer unit: You can easily organize your drawers by placing compartments in them. It's a smart move, but those compartments can slide about and it's just another small, annoying thing you have to worry about. Take it a step further by securing your compartments to the bottom of the drawer with Velcro. No sliding about anymore!

Craft wall: Your craft desk is a mess and all the drawers are already filled! Try securing a few strips of Velcro to the wall above your desk to remedy this issue. Then attach Velcro to your tools and you have an access craft wall. They'll be there waiting for you whenever your next project comes up.

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No-slide rug: Rugs help keep your floors neat, clean and free of scruff marks. They can be dangerous, though, with children and animals who aren't as careful. They can slide or trip over the rug and have a nasty accident. Simply secure the corners and edges of your rug to the floor with Velcro strips.

More shelf space: There are just so many places you can stores things in your kitchen. Now you're running out of room for your spices! Use some Velcro dots to make your own shelf. Stick them on a wall or the outside of a cabinet and attach dots to your spices as well. Now attach and you have your own makeshift shelf within arm's reach for easy cooking!

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(Photo: Photo Credit: Velcro)

Bedskirt: This will make your household chores just a little bit easier! Attaching Velcro along the inner edge of your bed skirts will make it easier to remove and attach your bed skirts for cleaning. Just a little tip to make your cleaning days go a bit faster.

Wall mount: Want to keep listen to your iPod or watch your iPad while you move about the kitchen but don't want to hold it? Place a few pieces of Velcro strips on your wall. Then place Velcro on the back of your device and now attach to your wall! You can wander around your kitchen, cooking or cleaning while you watch or listen to whatever you choose. It's also great for when you're trying out a new recipe. You can pull up the recipe right in front of you while you're cooking!

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