Fast Food Under 500: Tim Hortons



Fast food is seductive; it comes in large quantities, cheap prices and delicious aromas and tastes. However, that bang for your buck can explode your diet and get you off track. Sometimes fast food can’t be avoided, but the massive amounts of calories that frequently come with it can be. Check out our Tim Hortons menu under 500 calories.

For those mornings when you're off to a late start and need to hit up the Tim Hortons drive-thru for some breakfast, you have a couple delicious options.

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(Photo: Photo Credit: Tim Hortons)

Bacon Grilled Breakfast Wrap: Wrap up your morning with seasoned egg, turkey sausage and real shredded cheddar cheese rolled into a whole wheat tortilla and grilled to hot melted perfection. This cheesy wrap of perfection rolls in at only 290 calories.

bacon grilled breakfast wrap
(Photo: Photo Credit: Tim Hortons)

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Right Start Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich: Start your day off the right way with this protein- and calcium-rich sandwich! At 300 calories, this sandwich is worth every bite.

right start turkey sausage breakfast
(Photo: Photo Credit: Tim Hortons)

Mixed Berry Oatmeal: Not feeling a breakfast sandwich this morning? As luck would have it, Tim Hortons has oatmeal! Oatmeal is a great breakfast choice because it's full of fiber to keep you fuller longer and it cuts down on cravings until lunchtime. Try their mixed berry oatmeal for 210 calories!

oatmeal mixed berries tim hortons
(Photo: Photo Credit: Tim Hortons)

Original Blend Coffee: You can't leave a Tim Hortons without ordering a cup of their famous coffee! The best part is that an unsweetened coffee goes for zero calories! It's an easy and calorie-free way to get your caffeine for the day.

original blend coffee tim hortons
(Photo: Photo Credit: Tim Hortons)

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You can still eat out without wrecking your diet; all it takes is a little planning. Next time your crazy schedule and cravings take you to Tim Hortons, remember the above menu or click here for nutrition info for their entire menu.

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