Leave It To The Experts: Beauty Treatments You Shouldn't DIY

| Women's Health

It can be costly to look beautiful all the time, so it's understandable to want to do some beauty treatments yourself. Drugstores aid in your desire for DIY beauty products because you can't walk down the nail polish aisle without seeing a gel-manicure set. You think it probably isn't too difficult; after all, you see your beautician wax your eyebrows every two weeks. It's nice to do things for yourself, but some things you should leave to the professionals.

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Brow waxing: Yes, you have a several stray hairs that need some plucking and you need an eyebrow arch. This can be frustrating, but leave it up to a professional. If you try to get wax and do it yourself, it could create bald spots in eyebrows that would take a full month to grow back in! The people who wax your eyebrows went to beauty school and were trained to do it. (via Stylist)

Chemical hair treatments: You always see perm and relaxer kits in the store. Sometimes you get tempted to buy one because you don't want to pay salon prices for chemical hair treatments, but box relaxers and perms can be damaging to your hair. For example, relaxer kits contain a lot of calcium deposits like bumps that form and solidify under your skin. Sounds gross, right? Word of advice: Leave it up to your beautician if you want a relaxer or perm. (via Be Free With Style)

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Haircut: Everyone loves getting their hair cut because it's refreshing and it make you feel like a new you. Time and time again you go to your beautician and they charge you $30 for just a haircut, not counting any color treatment. If you think that you can do it yourself, think again. Haircuts take concentration and another person who is doing the cutting. Oftentimes, people will cut their own hair right after they get out of the shower and once their hair dries, it becomes uneven because they cut it when it was still wet. Professionals know what to do because they've gone through countless hours of cutting a mannequin's hair in school and cutting a real person's hair in the salon. (via All Women Stalk)


Hair coloring: This one is a big no. You want to try a different color without paying salon prices, but damaging your hair isn't worth it. Box dye has harmful chemicals in it like ammonia, which lets new color particles penetrate the hair. Ammonia also damages your scalp's oil glands. Plus, the color on the box may not look the same when you try it on your hair! Hair coloring also alters naturally curly hair by taking the curl pattern right out of it. Please invest in a beautician that is going to treat your hair the right way. (Organic Color Systems and All Women Stalk)

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Chemical peel: There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about chemical peels as of late. Many people post videos about their experience with it. Chemical peels remove the damaged outer layer of your skin. It aids in removing acne scarring and tends to make your complexion brighter. Now that they are available for purchase, people are trying to do DIY peels. However, DIY chemical peels run a high risk of burning your skin or having an allergic reaction to the peel. Make an appointment with your local spa to see if they can do the work for you. (via American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

Beauty hurts! So leave it up to the trained professionals when you want to invest in a beauty treatment. The last thing you want is to blindly do chemical peels or hair coloring. We live in a culture of DIY, but if you don't know what you are doing, don't be intimidated to seek help.