What To Wear Under Your Workout Gear

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When it comes to workout clothes, there are hundreds upon hundreds of options for the latest breathable tank top, the shorts cut perfectly for squats or the most supportive running shoe. But have you ever considered that maybe the apparel you wear under your workout gear is more important that what everyone else sees? Surely you've experienced the common annoyances of a good, sweat-inducing workout from chafing to having to adjust your bra every time you come out of downward dog. Amidst all the different products you can get for your workouts are options for you to find the perfect undergarments.

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When you're kicking butt in your cardio class, the last thing you want to be worrying about is that God-awful wedgie that's been there since "go" and gets worse with every kick or lunge. What you need is something that fits so well you can't tell it's there. According to Livestrong, cotton is your enemy when it comes to working out. It soaks up moisture and keeps it there, which can rub, irritate and cause bacteria build-up leading to an infection. Set aside your lace and satin, too. Save that for sexy and leave the hard work to fabrics like nylon and polyester that can help wick away sweat.

Try Asics ASX™ Bikini for a comfortable, breathable fabric that's also seamless. If you're doing a workout that's a little less strenuous, you might not have to worry about cotton being an issue, but it still might be a good idea to try to find something seamless so you don't have to worry about visible pantylines. Seamless panties are a good substitute for thongs because working out can cause back and forth movement that causes issues down there.

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Finding the right sports bra for your activity and body type can seem virtually impossible. Having the wrong bra can leave a lasting result and it's probably safe to say you don't want droopy breasts years down the road. According to Fitness Magazine, the most common mistake when buying a sports bra is getting one that is too small in cup size and too large in the band. It might be your natural tendency to dismiss the attendant at the intimates store when she asks if you would like her to measure you, but your bra size likely fluctuates and for a free sizing, you should definitely take advantage of her offer. Compression bras are great for A, B, C and D cup sizes while encapsulation is ideal for D and DD.

Luna Bra by Moving Comfort: Racerbacks work great for smaller cup sizes but for the "well-endowed" it might be best to use a wide strapped bra like the Luna Bra by Moving Comfort®.

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The North Face Bounce-B-Gone: Also consider the activity. If it's high intensity with a lot of up and down movement like running or aerobics, wear a bra high-impact bra like The North Face Bounce-B-Gone bra, which is usually indicated when you buy it.

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Nike Pro Indy Sports Bra: If it's yoga or weight lifting, you can afford to wear something low-impact like the Nike Pro Indy sports bra. Check out this article by REI about how to find the right fit for your sports bra.

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If you don't take care of your feet, you'll have a hard time finishing a workout. While socks aren't always a requirement in order to get your sweat on, when you do wear them, you want to treat your feet to the best protection. According to WebMD, the second most common cause for foot-related workout problems is wearing the wrong socks. Moisture in your socks can cause friction and ultimately causes blisters. Again, this eliminates cotton and points you to something like CoolMax or Smartwool. You don't want a sock that's too cushioned, too tight or too textured. Also, you might think it's crazy, but it's a good idea to wear white socks so you can see any indication of injury even if you don't feel it right away. REI gives a detailed review of socks specific to your activities.

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Be attentive to what you wear for your workouts. When you pay attention to your body's response to what you wear, you can focus entirely on your workout and not be distracted by wardrobe malfunctions. In addition, you can prevent pesky injuries from happening.

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