What You Need To Know About Menopause Before It Starts

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Menopause is stage in life that you and every other woman in this world will have to go through. If you are not sure what it is, menopause is the change a woman experiences after their period cycle ends. Menopause is a sign that your reproductive system will soon end. Don't worry, it's natural. Oftentimes, women are scared of it, but it's a natural part of life. Just think of it as a new chapter to the rest of your life! Here are a few things you want to know about menopause before you experience it.

woman in menopause having a hot flash

Losing weight would help: Losing any extra weight you may have would benefit you before menopause starts because carrying extra weight can exacerbate your menopause symptoms. Can you imagine having a symptom like hot flashes turned up a notch? To prevent this, you want to start exercising so you can shed those pounds. Also, incorporating healthy eating into your daily life works too.

You will lose calcium: During menopause, your estrogen levels hit an all-time low, which causes your bone cells to break down. When this happens, your bones start to thin and you lose calcium. According to the Better Health, the average woman loses 10 percent of her bone mass in the first couple of years after menopause starts. It's easy to incorporate dairy in your food like cheese, milk and yogurt. Just adding eating these dairies can help you build up your bones. Get an early start because the earlier, the better.

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You could experience pain during intercourse: Ouch! Sexual intercourse is a natural part of life and it's supposed to be enjoyable, but during menopause it can become painful. Estrogen is the reason for the pain because when your estrogen levels drop, it can cause vaginal dryness. Therefore, your vagina loses elasticity and becomes thinner. You can probably think of the next thing that happens when your vagina becomes thin and dry: Friction during sex. Using lubricant during intercourse can help with the pain. (via WebMD)

Your hair will thin: Hair is a woman's pride and joy. When we notice that our hair is too thin, we add extensions. You compare your hair to others' and so on. Thinning hair can take a toll on your self confidence. Unlucky for us, hair loss and thinning is the most obvious sign of menopause. Guess what the main cause of this is? A lack of estrogen. This hair change can occur in your pubic area as well. (via 34 Menopause Symptoms)

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Memory slips could become more common: Just forgetting where your glasses, car keys and lunch are seem like common things to forget due to a busy lifestyle. When you go through menopause, you will have even more memory slips. Low estrogen is the cause for this, too. Physical activity, more sleep, a healthy diet and brain games like crossword puzzles can definitely help with memory loss. (via Everyday Health)

You might lose control of your bladder: Another name for it can be incontinence. This happens when small amounts of urine come out when you laugh, sneeze, or after you work out. It's also known as the urge to urinate. This can be a little embarrassing if you're out in public, but it happens with age. As we get older, our internal muscles don't work as properly as they should be because of low estrogen. According to Mayo Clinic, Cutting back on alcohol and coffee can make your bladder issue more controllable.

Don't try to fight menopause, it's a part of life. As long as you exercise and eat right, your symptoms should be a little easier to handle. Just think, you won't have to deal with having a period. That's a celebration within itself. Menopause affects everyone differently because it depends on your body. Some women may have changes that aren't really bothering them and some may have symptoms that are really irritating. Close your ears when people say that your life ends when you hit menopause! You can still live your life to the fullest. Reaching menopause age (45-55) is a blessing in itself so just embrace it!