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How many almost-empty shampoo bottles do you have lying around your bathroom? Or perhaps you bought a new brand of shampoo only to realize that it dries out your hair, so you threw it under the bathroom sink, never to be seen again. Well, turns out there are many things you can do with shampoo other than washing your hair. Check out these awesome alternative household uses for shampoo.


Loosen a stuck zipper. We've all been there. Sometimes that stubborn zipper just does not want to move. When sucking in and pulling that zipper with all your might doesn't work, try dabbing some shampoo on it with a Q-tip. It should loosen the teeth of the zipper so that it slides right up.

Buff leather shoes. Scuffed shoes? No problem. You can buff leather shoes with a dab of shampoo and a clean cloth. Plus, it protects your shoes from salt stains during the winter!

Use as detergent for hand washables. Avoid expensive detergent for your hand washables by using shampoo! It's gentle enough so that your delicates can handle it, but strong enough to thoroughly clean them.

Unstick a bandage: How many times have you consoled your little one when his Band-Aid is too sticky to pull off? Try squeezing a few drops of shampoo onto the bandage and letting it seep through for a few minutes. It should loosen the adhesive so that there are no more tears when checking on your little one's wound.

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Use as a shaving cream substitute: Shampoos and conditioners serve as great shaving cream substitutes when you're in a pinch. Just lather it on like you normally would!

Clean houseplant leaves: A dab or two of shampoo onto the leaves of your houseplants will give them a shining gleam and remove any dust.

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Clean paintbrushes: Using cold or lukewarm water and a few squeezes of shampoo, the paint should come right out of the bristles of your paintbrush. Disclaimer: Never use hot water when cleaning paintbrushes, because it could dislodge the glue and cause the bristles to fall out.


Prevent swimming mask from fogging up: A few drops of shampoo on your swimming goggles with a quick rinse should prevent them from fogging up the next time you submerge yourself in the pool.

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Dilute for bubble mixture: To entertain the kiddos, dilute a bottle of old shampoo, stick a bubble wand in there and watch the smiles spread across their faces.

Clean chrome: To clean the chrome in your bathroom or even on your car, make a paste out of shampoo and baking soda. Scrub the chrome with the paste, rinse and bask in the shiny goodness.

Lubricate squeaky hinges: Got a squeaky cabinet door that grinds your gears? Squeeze a couple drops of shampoo onto the hinge to quiet it down.

Use as hand soap: Regular hand soap can dry out your skin, especially during the cold winter months. Try using shampoo instead! It's moisturizing so your skin won't dry out, and it will still clear any dirt or grime off your hands!

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Make a homemade exfoliator: Exfoliators can get pricey, but you can make your own for free! Just mix some shampoo and sugar together and scrub your body while in the shower. You could also use salt instead of sugar, but sugar is less abrasive and won't sting when you run over any cuts or wounds.

Revitalize your feet: Winter can do some harsh things to your skin! For revitalized feet, rub some shampoo over your feet and throw some socks on before bed. In the morning, you'll wake up to soft, beautiful feet.

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Unclog a toilet: When you can't find a plunger and the toilet is clogged, squirt some shampoo onto the sides of the bowl and in the water. Wait 15 minutes and flush!