What’s Safe and What’s Not Safe to Eat While Pregnant?

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During pregnancy, you want to stuff everything in your mouth because you're eating for two. It's a delicate time where you want to eat odd combinations like pickles and peanut butter cups. There are some foods you have to stay away from, but on the flipside, you can still enjoy other foods!



Soft cheese: Sorry nacho cheese lovers! Soft cheese seems like it would be harmless, but since it has unpasteurized milk (raw milk), it contains little microorganisms lurking around in it that can make you and your baby sick. Soft cheeses like blue cheese, feta and queso blanco should be off limits to keep you and your baby healthy.

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Raw cookie dough: You're baking cookies and you are tempted to eat some cookie dough, which can have raw eggs in it. Eggs contain a bacteria called salmonella, and according to the CDC, 40,000 cases salmonella are reported in the United States every year. Filling and batter are not excluded from salmonella. It's tempting, but you can't risk falling ill to the bacteria.

Sushi: It's would be hard to resist this definitely when you had sushi every day before you were pregnant. Sushi may look like it's a friendly food to eat because it's prepared and displaced at grocery stores everywhere. But in reality, it isn't safe during pregnancy because sushi can have tapeworms in them and that can lead to a tapeworm infection. Just hold off on the sushi until your pregnancy is over. Come on, you can do it! (via My Pregnancy Baby)


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Uncleansed vegetables and fruits: It's a great idea to incorporate healthy eating while you're pregnant. There are so many options to choose from: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces, carrots and the list goes on. In the fruit department, there are fruits like berries, peaches, strawberries and many more. These all sound tasty and you're ready to eat healthy during your pregnancy, but you have to be sure to rinse these fruits and vegetables off because they have could have parasites living on them. A common parasite found on them would be toxoplasma. It's best to clean this off because if it is digested it can harm you and your baby.

Fish: To be safe, pregnant women should stay away from fish in general. Fish like shark, swordfish, and tuna can have high levels of mercury in it. Since these fish are at the top of the food chain, they contain the highest possible levels of mercury. Mercury can harm the fetus's brain and nervous system. (via Healthy Lifestyle & Pregnancy Calendars)


Beans: These have the most amount of fiber and zinc in it. Protein is good for your baby's bones and tissue. Any type of beans like white, kidney, soy and black-eyed beans would be great during pregnancy. Head over to your grocery store and pick up some beans. They are also good way to get zinc, which benefits the immune system. A lack of zinc makes it twice as likely to have a low birth weight. So, it's important to get zinc in your daily eating habits for sure. (via Love To Know)

protein and fiber beans and seeds

Eggs: You can never go wrong with eggs. If you're an egg person, you are going to love the fact that eggs have a great source of amino acids. You and your baby can benefit with amino acids because they are good for the hair and the skin. Eggs also contain protein that is important for building up your unborn baby's tissues. There is also a substance called choline which is part of the vitamin B family. This nutrient helps the baby's memory during its early life when they consume this nutrient while they are in your tummy. To avoid getting salmonella, make sure your eggs are cooked properly. (via Livestrong & About)

Oatmeal: Everyone loves oatmeal; it's a good way to feel energized and full for the day. It has a high source of folic acid, which helps prevent bifida, a condition that affects the spinal cord. It is said that women who are expecting should have 400 to 800 micrograms a day of folic acid. Let's not forget that oatmeal has a lot of fiber in it as well! (via Livestrong)

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Spinach: Women who are pregnant should be eating spinach because it's a good source of iron. It builds up your red blood cell production which is a good way to prevent anemia. Try to incorporate spinach in your daily meals so you don't have to worry about missing out on getting that extra energy. Pregnancy can take a lot out of you, so let spinach be your friend. (via Family Doctor & Babble)

fresh spinach leaves

Broccoli: Yes, this vegetable makes you pass gas, but it has its benefits as well. Broccoli has a good source of calcium in it, which means that it benefits you and your baby's teeth, bones and muscle growth. Not having enough calcium can make your bones weak. Brocccoli also helps with building up the immune system. (via Pregnancy Health Tips & E Healthzine)

The most preconceived notion is that pregnancy is a time where you can eat anything under the sun. Since you are eating for two, you have to consider what is best for yourself and the growing baby. The foods you eat while you are pregnant can set up how healthy your baby is going to be when you give birth. Set yourself and your baby up for a healthy life and pregnancy!