Get it Right, Get it Tight: Box Jump

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Get it Right Get It Tight The box jump is a plyometric move that will get your heart pumping! The glutes, quads and calves are the main movers, but a strong core will make this exercise more powerful. Try a descending ladder of jumps from 15-10-5 reps with short rests in between. Don't have a box? Try a solid step with more than enough room for your entire foot.


Move Targets: Total body

Step 1: Stand in front of your box with your feet hip-width apart and your hands at your side. Stand about a shoe's distance away from the box so you have room to clear it.

Modification: Lower the height of the box.


Step 2: Bend the knees to at least a half squat and explode upward, keeping the chest lifted. Feet move together, first up then over. Squeeze the lower abs to help pull your lower body up while propelling yourself with the arms.

Modifications: Step up and down from the box; slow your pace.


Step 3: Land both feet at the same time, hip-distance apart with soft knees. Try to land quietly — stomping the landing can shock the joints. Then stand up straight and step down one foot at a time, returning to your starting point. Jumping backward from the box can cause you to lose your balance or aggravate your Achilles. (via Stack)

Modification: Jump or step off of the box to the other side to avoid backward movement.


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