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For whatever reason, you either aren't going to make it to the gym or these days you don't even bother with a membership. Getting out of the house for a workout is a reward that is few and far between. Lucky for you, we've moved beyond the days of Tae Bo with Billy Blanks and Sweatin' to the Oldies with our beloved Richard Simmons. There will always be a place in your heart for those terribly short, striped shorts, but the world of home fitness has drastically expanded. Most of the time, all you need is your television and a spot cleared on the floor for you to get hot and sweaty. Here are some of the best DVD workouts, tailored to your specific needs, that you just have to have.

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6 Weeks to Sculpted: Celebrity Trainer Ashley Borden gives you six weeks of workouts that will certainly keep you on your toes. A variety of yoga, plyometrics and full-body workouts will keep your workouts exciting and help you see results and keep them. Buy it here.

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(Photo: Amazon)

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PiYo: Chalene Johnson hits it out of the park once again with a low impact, high results workout that incorporates the muscle sculpting of Pilates with the flexibility of yoga. Speed things up without having to bounce around (and wake up the kids from nap time) and get PiYo here.

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(Photo: Amazon)

Fit & Sleek Prenatal Physique: Leah Sarago is a pre/postnatal exercise specialist who has designed a workout safe for all three trimesters. Stay fit and get ready for the arrival of your bundle of joy with a mat workout, cardio, barre and core. Get Sarago's workout here.

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Muscle Max: If you're looking for some serious definition and toning, try Cathe Friedrich's Muscle Max. She shows you how to get maximum results with weights and helps you build up from any level. Don't worry about being intimidated by the weights' rack at the gym. Do your weight training at home. Get the DVD here.

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(Photo: Shop Cathe)

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21 Day Fix: Autumn Calabrese lays it all out for you with this system, giving you instructions on how to eat and how to work out. In just 21 days, you'll be ready for that teeny bikini. Just 30 minutes each day doing a variety of workouts will help you reach those fitness goals you just can't seem to make happen. Get the program here.

Photo Credit: Beachbody
(Photo: Beachbody)

Zumba Incredible Results: Get ready to dance the weight off with Zumba's newest system that takes the fun of dance and molds it into a calorie-torching workout that will really get your blood pumping. Starting your day off with this workout will leave you feeling great about your body and happier throughout your day. Get it here.

Photo Credit: Zumba
(Photo: Zumba)

Gorgeous Core: Focus on getting those sleek, flat abs with Suzanne Bowen's abdominal workout. Challenge yourself with six segments of exercise designed to reach every hard-to-reach muscle, earning you that tightened and toned belly you always dreamed of. Find it here.

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(Photo: Amazon)

Yoga Inferno: Jillian Michaels doesn't let you slack with this yoga workout. You'll be sweating and shedding calories like you wouldn't believe. Take the challenge and get the workout here today.

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(Photo: Popsugar)

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Total Body Workout: You don't have to be a ballerina to get a dancer's body. Mary Helen Bowers helps you get that strong, lean body you've seen in the movies. This workout targets the entire body giving segments for your abs, buns, legs and arms. Don't be intimidated; beginners and experts alike can do this one. Try it here.

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(Photo: Amazon)

Happy Hour Workout: Train like the celebrities with Anna Kaiser as she pushes you through a blend of dance cardio, sports training, Pilates, yoga and strength. It's fun and challenging and won't leave you feeling defeated, but rather have you feeling strong and sexy. Get it here.

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