Non-Music Playlists For Your Workout

| Fitness

Are your usual workout playlists getting boring? Maybe you need a change! We found some great alternatives to music to listen to next time you hit the gym.

woman running headphones

Another Mother Runner: This is a great podcast created by women who are both mothers and runners. Often co-hosting with special guests, they share the hilarious sides of motherhood and trying to fit in a good workout. Check it out here.

The Jillian Michaels Show: A weekly podcast created by fitness superstar, Jillian Michaels will not only give you more insight into her personal healthy lifestyle, but let you in on her own struggles with emotional eating and other barriers she faces. Listen here.

Marathon Training Academy: Need some company while you train for a marathon this spring? Listen to married couple Angie and Trevor Spencer as they share training tips, inspiring stories and more. Check it out here.

Dr. Fitness an The Fat Guy: Since 2005, this podcast has been making everyone laugh as they lose weight! Tune in for tips, stories and motivation that will have you laughing all the way through your workout. To learn more, click here.

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Serial: This is a podcast that went viral. It's a 12 episode series that attempts to uncover the truth from a real-life decade old murder. Make a promise to yourself that you'll only listen when you're at the gym and you'll find yourself working out for hours on end trying to solve the mystery! Click here to listen online.

Selected Shorts: Get engrossed in these short stories, told by celebrities, to a live audience. Each story will get you through your workout with ease. You won't realize how many miles you've gone by the time you finish one! Learn more here.

Making Mountains Move: It may sound cheesy or hokey, but this podcast will truly make you feel like you can do anything. If you need some inspiration to get going, try this podcast at the gym!

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The Moth: Told live, The Moth is a collection of true stories told all over the world. The storyteller stands alone, with no notes, under a light with a microphone and shares their story to a room full of people. They come in all varieties, from heart-pounding thrillers to love stories. Click here to find a story.

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!: This is a weekly podcast created by NPR. It's a fun trivia game show that you can mentally play along with! Test your knowledge and keep your mind off the burn as you get in a workout. To listen, click here.