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Wine corks are like the adult version of the toy in the cracker jack box. Once you collect enough of them, you can customize some handy household helpers or create personalized decor.

wine corks

Bag closer: Carefully take a sharp knife and cut a slit into the bottom of the cork, not passing the halfway point of the cork. Wiggle it back and forth a little bit to add a stretch.

Cork board: Have fun with this one. It can be big or small, framed or open. Try different patterns like a classic cobblestone look or a modern chevron. You’ll need a hot glue gun and a level working surface.

Block letters: You can design custom word art out of corks. Try a cursive “love” to sit on the mantle. For stability, go about two corks deep. Or go for a three-dimensional “EAT” on your kitchen wall.

Fire starters: Soak them in a mason jar of lighter fluid and bring with you on your next camping trip. Keep away from children! Click here to see more DIY household items.

Napkin rings: Cut into circle slices like you would with a carrot. String them together with a needle and strong thread or fishing wire. For a fancy look, add some chunky beads in between cork pieces.

Magnets: Cut in half long-ways and hot glue a magnetic strip to the back. Quick and easy for a uniform look on the fridge.

Surface protector: Cut a circle slice off and glue to the bottom of a furniture leg in place of a furniture pad. It can also act as a solution for a wobbly chair or table leg.

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