Funny Fitness Products People Buy

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It's no secret that people want to lose weight and often times, people are willing to go to extreme measures to do so. No, we don't mean insane fad diets. We're talking about the ridiculous products people invest in!

Thigh Master: You may recall this infomercials from decades past starring Suzanne Somers. This device allows for thigh and butt toning, but according to Suzanne, it's also great for arms and chest exercises! Want to try out his throwback? Click here!

thigh master
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Body Blade: This product uses "vibration and inertia training" to help you tone your body. The upside: it's a great way to change up a boring workout routine. The downside: You will look pretty ridiculous. If you want to learn more, check out Body Blade's official website.

body blade
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Shake Weight: You're probably expecting to see this gem on the list, and there's no way we wouldn't include it! You may have seen the Shake Weight commercial or watched Ellen try it out on her talk show. Regardless, you're in luck because this arm toning product is still available for purchase! 

shake weight
(Photo: Cool Health)

Elliptical Bikes: Have you ever wanted to take your elliptical on the go? Maybe not... but at least you have the option! This Street Strider is a green form of transportation that gets in a real workout! You may be the next piece of neighborhood gossip, but you'll lose some weight! Check out Street Strider's website to learn more.

elliptical bike
(Photo: Health Style Exercise)

Healthy and Beauty Belt Massager: At Skinny Mom, we are firm believers that if you want results, you'll have to work for them. This massager, however, promises that strapping a belts around your middle will vibrate the fat away! Tone, tighten and smooth with this vibrating belt... maybe.

healthy beauty belt massager
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Face Trainer: This product by no!no! will have you looking ridiculous, but there aren't many options out there for working out your face muscles! If your cheeks are sagging and you're trying to find a natural lift, you may want to check out this face trainer.

face trainer
(Photo: Daily Mail)

Gazelle Glider: Made famous by the ironically named Tony Little, this machine is a fun alternative to an elliptical, or an elliptical bike. It's a low impact machine that offers a calorie burning workout.

gazelle trainer

What are some of the most ridiculous fitness products you've ever seen? Share with us in the comments below!