50 Things Every Healthy Person Should Add to Their Bucket List

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Making a bucket list is a great way to put yourself out there and try new things, especially if you live a healthy lifestyle! We often find ourselves falling into routines, whether it's the same old workout or eating boiled chicken four nights a week. Step out of your usual and try out these fun healthy ideas!

woman hiking

Go on a hiking trip. Hiking is a great way to get active, and it's something the whole family can enjoy! Set a weekend aside this summer and take your family on a healthy getaway!

Try a pole dancing class. You know you've always wanted to! Call up your girls and book a fitness pole class. You may really like it!

Go without processed foods. Whether you give them up cold turkey or challenge yourself for a week, try cutting out processed foods and see how your body likes it.

Bike to another town. Grab your helmet and ride to the next town over. It'll feel like an awesome accomplishment to help boost your self esteem, and you'll have gotten in a workout! You can always arrange to have hubby pick you up once you're there.

Start a garden. Get outside, get active and get healthy by growing your own veggies! No room? We've heard good things about hanging tomato planters like this one!

Reorganize that messy closet. For some it's a closet, for others it's the garage. Take the afternoon and clean it up. You'll feel much better when it's done!

Eat your least favorite vegetable. We don't want you to force it down. Instead look through our recipe index or do a Google search for a healthy recipe you can use it in! There's probably a tasty way to prepare it.


Walk 10,000 steps. Invest in a pedometer and set your goal to 10,000 steps in the day. Work on it each day until 10,000 daily steps is the norm! Not only will you burn extra calories, but it'll get you up from your desk or off the couch.

Learn the perfect pushup. There are a lot of ways to perform a pushup wrong, but only one way to do it right. Perfect your form and never worry about it again.

Do more pushups. How many can you do in a row right now? Remember that number and work on it every night before you brush your teeth. See if you can have that number increased by the end of the week.


List the things you're grateful for. Make a note in your phone or jot it down on a Post-It to store in your wallet. Next time you're stressed or angry, take a glance at your list to help you feel better.

Ride your bike or walk to work. Unless you have to take the freeway to the office, chose a healthier mode of transportation on the next warm morning.

Clear out the junk food. Get rid of all the unhealthy snacks in the house. Whether that means throwing them away or serving them to friends, get rid of it by any means other than eating it. You can't be tempted if there's nothing there!

Run or walk a 5k. There are tons of small races during nice weather, and even if there aren't, gather some friends and hit the road!

Relax. Make it a point to make time for yourself. Stress puts pressure on your body and can lead to unhealthy habits.

Start drinking green tea. Studies show that green tea may be linked to fighting several cancers like skin, breast and more.

green tea

Try Crossfit. You may have heard the term thrown around or seen that annoying friend's Facebook status about how much she loves Crossfit. But there's a reason you see it on your timeline! Give it a try, but don't feel pressure to make a post about it.

Run stairs. It's not that fun and it's certainly not easy, but it's a great workout! Burn calories and work your legs by hitting up the local high school stadium!

Go on a healthy vacation. There are tons of healthy vacation spots and resorts hat you can travel to. In fact, we picked out some of our favorites for you to check out!

Add vegetables to your breakfast. Getting in your veggies is hard, especially if you aren't considering them in all meals. Try adding some greens to a breakfast sandwich or something like this breakfast frittata!


Have more sex. Sex is both physically and mentally beneficial. It is a great way to burn off extra calories, release stress and work on your relationship! If you're having sex once a week, step it up to twice. If it's less than that, try going for a round of morning sex.

Do a mud run. Mud runs are very fun! So fun you won't realize you're working out. Get down and dirty with your friends while getting in shape.

Swim in an open body of water. Laps in the pool are fun, but it can be boring. Test your skills against some waves!

Check your blood pressure. Knowing your blood pressure helps to keep you healthy. If you're struggling with your blood pressure, here are some meals that will help.

Master a new yoga move. Regardless of being a beginner or a full-fledged yogi, there's always another move.


Try a new sport. Have you ever played tennis? What about racquet ball? Pick something fun, grab a friend, and try it out!

Go vegetarian. Being meatless is easy with such delicious options available to you. Take a week and try out being vegetarian.

Successfully do double-dutch jump rope. Get your kids to swing rope and see if you can manage to double Dutch! It's a great way to get your kids involved in your health journey.

Run a marathon. This is the ultimate goal. As soon as the weather turns nice, your training begins. Start small and work your way up to 26 miles!

Try a cleanse. If you haven't done a healthy cleanse before, you may want to try it out! There are tons of options out there for you, so research some and pick out one that suits your lifestyle.

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Bench 25% of your body weight. Bench pressing is not very popular among women, but it's a great way to get toned! Try working your way up to a fourth of your body weight.

Start reading food labels. Knowing what you're putting into your body is important. Instead of taking the marketer's word that something is "healthy," check for yourself.

Do a 10-second handstand. Gain strength and balance by learning not only to do a handstand, but to hold it.

Go horseback riding. You may think the horse is doing all the work, but your legs are getting in a great workout! You're guaranteed to feel sore the next day.

Taste the rainbow. Unfortunately, we are not talking about Skittles. Make it a goal to eat a fruit and veggie from every color of the rainbow! You can even get your kids involved to encourage healthy eating.

rainbow salad

>> Recipe: Rainbow Salad

Do 15 burpees in a row. Burpees are notorious for being awful. They seem to suck your endurance away. Push yourself to complete 15 solid burpees nonstop to build up stamina and strength.

Increase your flexibility. Can't touch your toes? Stretch every day until you can! If you're already there, then work towards being able to lay your chest against your legs.

Rock skinny jeans. Now that you've started on your healthy journey, go treat yourself to a quality pair of skinny jeans that you can feel great in.

Do a bootcamp. Bootcamps are offered at fitness studios all over and they're great workouts! Sign yourself up for a bootcamp and see some results.

Run a 10-minute mile. Sidewalk, track or treadmill, start working to shave time off of your mile.


Be vegan for a day. Not many people live a vegan lifestyle, and it may not be as hard as you think! Try and go an entire day following a vegan diet and see how you feel!

Take your favorite meal and make it skinny. We love slimming down favorite recipes. Chose your favorite meal and use skinny swaps to make it healthier!

Do a cartwheel. Get outside with the kids and let them teach you to cartwheel! It's a fun way to get active with the family.

Try hot yoga. Hot yoga is a great way to rid your stress. Sweat out all of your problems and get in a workout with this experience.

Improve your BMI bracket. Check in on your BMI bracket. If your height/weight ratio isn't in a healthy zone, make it your goal to go from obese to overweight or overweight to healthy! If you're underweight, strive to make healthy food choices and work on muscle mass!

Cut out sugar. We all know how bad sugar is for you, but it's very difficult to cut it out cold turkey. Work towards ridding sugar from your life, one meal choice at a time.

sugar cubes

Buy a sexy dress. Not only will eating right and working out improve your physique, but it'll boost your confidence! Strive for self love and pick out a hot dress for your next date night.

Try a new group fitness class. Never been to Zumba? Go to Zumba! Haven't tried out Tabata yet? Add it to your to-do list! Find something new and give it a whirl; you may love it!

Bring a friend. Working out is easier when there's someone to hold you accountable. Convince a friend to hit the gym with you and see if having a partner makes it easier!

Love yourself. Just because you haven't reached every goal you've set for yourself doesn't mean you've accomplished nothing. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you're well on your way, remind yourself how fabulous you are and find that self-love!

How many of these bucket list items have you already completed? Let us know in the comments below!