Are There Benefits to Eating Popcorn?

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Yes, popcorn. It's an all-time favorite at the movies, where you hear people say,"extra butter, please." Whether you eat popcorn or not, you're definitely familiar with the wafting, salty smell of it throughout a dark movie theater. Popcorn is a childhood favorite for some. It's a great snack to take when you don't want to eat an unhealthy potato chips, but just seeing popcorn makes you question whether it's good for you or not. You see it in so many forms — kettle corn, buttery, caramel and colorful popcorn. You want to know if there are benefits to eating popcorn. Let's find out!


It's high in protein. According to Healthy Eating, women need about 46 grams of protein a day, and an ounce of popcorn contains about three grams of protein. So, eating a few bags of popcorn a day can give your body some of the protein it needs. Say bye-bye to those sugary protein bars! Just having protein in your life can help build muscle. One point for popcorn!

Popcorn is full of salt: We all know that too much sodium is bad for you. It can increase your chances of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. A bag of Skinny Pop contains around 75 milligrams of sodium. Just eating few bags a day can give you your protein intake, but potentially put you past your salt limit. According to the American Heart Association, you should consume no more than 2,000 milligrams of salt a day. When you go to the store, try to pick the popcorn that is lightly salted. Also, you want to avoid buttery popcorn because that has twice the salt in it. (via Fit Day & Healthy Eating)


High in fiber: Incorporating fiber in your life benefits you in so many ways. Fiber helps your colon, prevents you from developing diabetes, and lowers your cholesterol. Four cups of popcorn contains about seven grams of fiber. You don't want to go too far with your fiber intake because that can cause bloating and dehydration. Pop in a bag of popcorn and feel full throughout the day.

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Low in calories: Everyone wants a snack that is low in calories. Oftentimes, we mindlessly snack on foods we shouldn't like doughnuts, cookies, candy and many more unhealthy foods. But with popcorn you won't feel guilty afterwards! If you're on a calorie-based diet, popcorn is the one for you. Just two cups of air popped popcorn contains about 62 calories! That's great! (via The Nest)

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It contains additives: Wait! The pros were sounding so good — it's high in fiber, low in calories and high in protein. You thought the list was going to go on and on with pros. You already know, we have to weigh the options, folks. What are additives? The term for additives in the popcorn world means that they are responsible for giving your favorite popcorn its delicious buttery taste, but these additives are bad for you. Additives are harmful chemicals that are put in some foods. (via LA Times) However, air-popped popcorn like Skinny Pop contain no additives, GMOs, or gluten. So you don't have to weigh your options with all popcorns, after all.

The bottom line is that popcorn is good for you! The pros outweigh the cons! What are you going to pick for snack: A doughnut or a bag of popcorn? Little changes like this will lead you to healthier eating habits! Your body will thank you later.