Fitness Shoes for Every Workout

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Whether you're a runner, cycler or Crossfit enthusiast, you all have one thing in common: You need the right pair of shoes. Having the right amount of support for your workout will help you to excel, so we have found the best of the brands for your favorite workout.

Running: For a normal-footed runner, there are a lot of great shoe options available to you! We personally love Brooks PureConnect 4 running shoe. It's lightweight and simplistic, but gives your foot all-around support to help keep your footfall natural.

pureconnect 4
(Photo: Brooks Running)

Trail Running: For a shoe that can withstand any terrain that you can, we recommend the Excursion TR8 from Saucony. It's built for traction so you can stay steady and go as fast as you want.

saucony excursion TR8
(Photo: Saucony )

Cycling: If you are passionate about cycling and are prepared to make an investment, your best choice is the Diadora Protrail 2. This shoe is light and thin but very tough. It is designed to transfer all your power into the pedals for the best possible ride. The downside? The price. If you aren't prepared to drop $400 on cycling shoes, we recommend the more reasonably priced Shimano WM34 Bike shoe. This shoe is designed for comfort, but the soles will allow for the most peddling efficiency.

(Photo: Performance Bike)

CrossFit: When it comes to CrossFit, you want a flexible shoe that is as tough as you are. The Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 is durable and versatile so you can feel confident wearing this shoe during any of your intense workouts.

reebok crossfit nano
(Photo: Reebok )

Power Walking: Whether it's pushing a stroller after dinner or gossiping with the neighborhood ladies each morning, power walking is a fabulous way to get in a low-impact workout. But unless you've got a comfortable shoe, you won't enjoy yourself. The Nike Free Walk+ is designed for your comfort and stability, so you can walk as far and fast as you want!

nike free walk
(Photo: Nike )

HIIT or Cardio Class: For both a HIIT class and some sort of cardio sculpting, you want a comfortable shoe that can withstand the bouncing around. The Puma Bubble XT Hyper is a great companion and is sure to turn heads! For an at-home HIIT routine that will blast away the calories, click here.

puma bubble xt
(Photo: Puma)

Bootcamp: If you need a shoe that can get you through an intense boot camp with both running and weightlifting, try out this ECCO BIOM EVO Trainer Pro. It's designed to be a running shoe, but it also has enough foot support to give you the versatility of a bootcamp class and get you through your other workouts you enjoy.

ecco biom trainer pro
(Photo: Ecco )

Weightlifting and Bodybuilding: Getting toned up? Having the right foot support is very important. If your ankles are weak, the rest of you will be too! This Adidas Powerlift shoe will grip the floor, help you to balance and give your body the support it needs to get those weights up!

adidas powerlift
(Photo: Foot Locker)

Zumba: If you're a regular at Zumba, you probably see women in regular old running shoes, which is a huge no-no. Running shoes are designed to go forward and back, not side to side. If you are serious about your Zumba, invest in a pair of Zumba Impact Pulse shoes. They are meant to support, breath and slide!

zumba impact pulse
(Photo: Zumba )

Barre: These Nike Studio Wraps are not only cute, but they will help to optimize your barre workout by giving you more traction, protection and support than what you'd get doing it barefoot. This is also a great footwear option for practicing yoga.

nike studio wrap
(Photo: Nike)

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