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Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you some fun stuff! Whether it's been a bad start to 2015 or you've got winter blues pulling you down, you can help to create a more positive outlook on life with some fun, simple products!

The Nubrella: Don't let rain get you down! Take the dog for a walk, go fishing, wait for the bus or watch a parade with the hands-free ease of this convertible umbrella! Click here to order your own and stay on the look out for their kids version coming soon!

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Color-Changing Shower Head: Never step into a shower that is too hot or cold! This shower head senses the water temperature and will turn colors to let you know when the water will feel just right. Plus, it's powered by the running water, so you'll never have to deal with the hassle of batteries! Get more information by clicking here.

color-change shower head
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One Trip Grip: Even on the nicest day, making a trip to the grocery store is a downer. What's even worse is that once you're home, you then have the burden of carrying all your heavy bags inside. Make it in one trip with this handy gripping handle! Order yours today to save yourself the trip!

trip grip
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Dinner Winner Kids Plate: Can't convince you kids to finish their food? Make it into a game! This plate doubles as a board game. To win, the kids have to eat the food in each space! Check it out online here.

winner dinner
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Sunrise Sun Simulator: Wake up easier with this sum-simulating alarm clock. Instead of a blaring beep, wake up gently to your personal sunrise. If you are a busy mom with an early wakeup call, this clock is worth it to get a good night's rest with a friendly wakeup. Get more information and order yours by clicking here.

sun simulator
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Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets: Have you ever heard of miracle berries? First documented in 1795, these berries contain a protein called miraculin which bonds with your tastebuds to make things taste sweeter. Eat them before consuming bitter and sour flavors to make them taste like candies! Want to learn more? Click here.

miracle berries
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Digital Measuring Cup: Make your health easier by always knowing exactly how much you are consuming! This measuring cup takes all the counting and frustration out of cooking to help make your life just a little bit easier. Order yours online here.

digital measuring cup
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Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Lock: You can tell yourself that the lock is to keep you from over-indulging, but in actuality, it's to keep your husband's greedy hands away from your pint! Click here to order yours before the next pint runs out!

ben jerrys lock
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Pizza Scissors: Imagine: You've just made Skinny Mom's delicious Cheesy Chicken BBQ Pizza and when you go to slice it, all of the cheese get pushed, pulled and mangled. Don't let this tragedy occur in your home! These pizza scissors will make every amateur cook fee like an Iron Chef. Order yours today.

pizza scissors
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Dumbbell Alarm Clock: No time to work out? Not an excuse anymore! This alarm clock won't stop until you've completed some bicep curls! Get one online here.

dumbbell alarm
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Bubble Wrap Calendar: Start each day with a POP of excitement! Not only is this a fun poster-sized calendar to hang on the wall, but it will help you to stay organized. Check it out here.

bubble wrap calander
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Kitchen Safe: Are little greedy hands sneaking dessert before dinner? Or maybe your own indulgences are the issue. Lock away the food in the kitchen safe and set the timer. There is no way to open it until time runs out! Order your online by clicking here.

kitchen safe
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A helpful reminder: This is a free print off from The Paper Mama. Print it off, put it in a cute frame and hang it by the door. You'll never forget your essentials again! Click here to be taken to the print.

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