5 Moves To Blast Fat Fast

| Fitness

Not sure if your old party dress still fits? Before you battle the zipper, try incorporating these five moves into your workout to help shed some pounds! They will work all parts of your body and get your heart rate up, which is the best way to blast fat!

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Skater Jumps: Get your blood pumping straight from the get-go with this move. Here's how to do it.

skater jumps

Cross Jacks: Do as many as you can for 60 seconds. Remember to stay on the balls of your feet and to keep your knees soft. Here's how to do it.

Mountain Climbers: This is a great move because it'll target your entire body. It can help to tone and tighten, as well as get your heart rate up! To learn the move, click here.

mountain climbers

Up and Over: You may have seen donkey kicks in your past, and this is the amped up version! This will tone your arms and work your core as you kick your legs up and to the side. It's also a great way to accelerate your heart rate! Learn more here.

Switch Kicks: For a new way to get in some cardio, try out the switch kick! It'll also get your abs engaged and work that booty! To see the move done, click here.

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