Household Hacks: Pencil Erasers

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There are probably several pencils scattered throughout your house, either in the junk drawer, the office, between the couch cushions or underneath the seat of your car. Perhaps you have no use for the writing function of the pencil, but the eraser has some helpful potential. 


Wall art: Cut off the eraser and glue to the back of a frame so it sits evenly against the wall and doesn’t mark up the paint.

Sticky tags: Trying to remove the adhesive from a price tag? Use an eraser as friction against the sticky mess for a clean removal.

Smooth a scratch: Wipe the LCD screen clean from debris. Take an unused pencil eraser and rub it against the scratch. Wipe clean.

Get artsy: For custom fingernail art or party invitations, carve out a stamp model in the eraser tip.

(Photo: pencil eraser stamps
Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Accessorize: Lose an earring back? Rip the eraser off of the pencil for a substitute in a cinch.

Zipper repair: A stubborn zipper is no match for a rubber eraser. Run it along the teeth of the zipper for a smooth, hassle-free zip.