March Challenge: 31-Day Yoga Challenge

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If you've been following along with our monthly challenges, you'll be excited to learn that March is the Yoga Challenge! Follow along with us every day this month to increase your flexibility and yoga skills. Each day you will be assigned a new yoga pose to learn and master, allowing you to become more familiar with your body, mind and spirit. Click here to download a PDF of the challenge to complete all throughout the month, and use the hashtag #SkinnyMomChallenge to stay connected on social media. Check Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see who else is doing the challenge along with you! Namaste, ladies — we know you can do this!

Click here for a free download of the 31-Day Yoga Challenge and scroll down for instructions to each yoga pose.

yoga challenge

Below you will find links to videos of each pose of the 31-Day Yoga Challenge. Click the name of the pose to be taken to the video or photo that explains how to do each move! Be sure to keep an eye out for a new post every week of the challenge with links to the corresponding week's videos.

Day 1: Mountain

Day 2: Child's Pose

Day 3: Cow to Cat

Day 4: Seated Twist

Day 5: Cobra

Day 6: Downward Facing Dog

Day 7: Standing Forward Fold

Day 8: Chair

Day 9: Crescent

Day 10: Warrior I

Day 11: Warrior II

Day 12: Side Angle

Day 13: Triangle

Day 14: Half Moon

Day 15: Hero

Day 16: Wide-Legged Forward Dog

Day 17: Staff

Day 18: Boat

Day 19: Bridge

Day 20: Tree

Day 21: Locust

Day 22: Warrior III

Day 23: Inclined Plank

Day 24: Lotus

Day 25: Bow

Day 26: Camel

Day 27: Dancer

Day 28: Bird of Paradise

Day 29: Shoulder Stand

Day 30: Plow

Day 31: Crane