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Popsicle sticks seem to show up out of nowhere, especially in the summertime when your kids consume their favorite icy treat like it's their sole form of survival. Dig around in your craft box or collect the Popsicle sticks in a jar on the counter and try some of these ideas for ways you can use them around the house.

colorful popsicle sticks

Kid-friendly food skewer: Prepare fruit kabobs or chicken kabobs with Popsicle sticks so they your kids' little hands don't get hurt on sharp ends. Plus, they're appropriate for smaller, kid-sized portions, and the colored ones will add a little fun to the meal.

Gardening labels: Write the names of your herbs on them for your window herb garden or tape a picture to the top for your corn and beans outside. They serve as a quick fix for organizing your succulents and you can get crafty and add color and glitter if you want.

Date night ideas: Use a mason jar and a handful of Popsicle sticks to brainstorm date ideas then draw one out on your date night. You can use this idea for baby showers and bridal showers, too. Think of a theme to make it a little more fun like "Free Date Night Ideas" or "Outdoor Family Fun Ideas."

Photo Credit: Celebrate Every Day With Me
(Photo: Photo Credit: Celebrate Every Day With Me)

Studying help: Use them to help your kids study their vocabulary words and time tables. Write the equation on one side and the answer on the back then challenge them to answer before you flip it over.

Popsicle stick workouts: Write a workout on each stick them put them in a cup with an empty cup next to it. Then draw one, do the workout, and discard it into the empty cup. When you've transferred them all, you've finished your workout! Do it again tomorrow.

Mini pallet coasters: All you need are large Popsicle sticks, glue, a box cutter and some coffee to make these coasters that look like a pallet. It costs next to nothing and the end result is rustic addition to your coffee table. Find out how to make them on the Instructables website.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
(Photo: Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Chore chart: Use mason jars or colorful cups to monitor your kids' daily chores. Put a chore on each one and have them transfer the stick once they've completed it. This is a great way to switch up chores between your kids without having to write it out all over again on a poster or chalkboard.

Paint catalog: Keep track of the paint colors you've used in your home by painting half of a Popsicle stick and compiling them all together on a metal ring. Then you can take them to the store with you if you ever paint again or when you go to pick out decor for the rooms.