Get it Right Get It Tight


Move Targets: Legs


Step 1: Stand with feet hip-width distance apart, hands on your hips. The chest stays lifted; shoulders are back and down, away from the ears. Send one leg forward, bending it at 90 degrees, while the other leg stays back, also bending at 90 degrees. The front knee should not pass over the toes and the front thigh must be as close to parallel as possible to the floor.

Modification: Use a chair for balance.

Advancement: Use a pair of hand weights to hold at your side or any position you choose.


Step 2: Bring the front leg out to the side. Sit down like you would into a squat while the other leg stays straight. The foot on the bent leg can be slightly turned out, but the straight-leg foot must point forward. Try to lead with your hips – back and down – and keep the chest up.


Step 3: Take the same leg that moved forward and to the side, and send it to the back. Both knees should be bent at 90-degree angles. The back foot should go straight behind you, maintaining the hip-width distance instead of a "tight-rope" stance with one foot behind the other. After you finish this lunge, you'll have completed one repetition.


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