Should You Shave Your Face?

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Have you ever washed your face in the morning and noticed a few noticeable hairs on your face? That can freak anyone out because no one wants noticeable facial hair. For women, it’s not uncommon to have to shave our legs, underarms, bikini areas and sometimes arms. Most women think it’s taboo to shave their face and don’t want to admit that they sometimes have to. Don't worry, it's not a rare thing for women to have to remove facial hair; about 20 million women in the United States have to remove their facial hair every week.

Heredity plays a huge part in your facial hair. Mom and Dad may have a decent amount of facial hair, so chances are that's the reason why you have facial hair as well. Remember, you can't control what you get from your parents. If you’re in the dark about whether you should shave your face, here is an answer to your question.

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The good part about shaving facial hair is that it may be great for anti-aging! It is said that since men shave their faces, they age "better." When you shave, the microdermabrasion exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin follicles. Putting a razor to your skin is technically a form of trauma. So, that’s when collagen kicks in to renew your skin cells. The production of collagen does its work, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines, therefore making you look younger, which is a plus in anyone’s book.

It also seems like shaving is harmless as well if you use a single-blade razor. We aren’t talking about a man’s razor, unless you have a full blown beard. You don’t even have to wet your skin to shave. Just pull the area of skin where the hair is and shave at an angle — 45 degrees, to be exact. Be sure to purchase a razor that is curved so it can be easier to cut the fine hairs off. Curved razors can be found in any beauty supply store. Shaving your face can allow your makeup to go on smoother since you don’t have to worry about applying foundation to those annoying hairs. (via Inquisitor and Dr. Venessa's Formulas)

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On the flip side, every pro will have a con. Some say it's difficult for women to shave their faces, and it could even be damaging to your skin. Shaving your face as a woman can seem a bit masculine, and Marie Claire Beauty Editor, Ying Chu says, "shaving your face is psychologically confusing." Plus, while shaving may be a good exfoliator, it actually inflames the face. According to skin expert Barbara Kubicka, shaving your face could have a negative after-effect because women's and men's faces aren't set up the same way. There's a reason why people say that women are soft and delicate flowers. Men's faces are up to 30 percent thicker than women's faces because of the testosterone they have. According to aesthetician Michelle Roque, "women's skin doesn't respond to shaving like a man's face does." She also suggests that women shouldn't use razors. Shaving could also cause ingrown hair. (via Skin IncWebMD, Tucson,

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You could try other hair removal methods besides using a shaver if you feel like you have hair on your face. You can try waxing, which a professional can do at any salon and costs around $5 to $18. Plucking is another option that you can try; it may hurt a bit, definitely if you have long hairs, but hey, at least you'll get rid of those hairs. Laser hair removal is another way to get hair off of your face without using a shaver that a lot of women utilize. Although it is expensive, coming in at $150 to $500, the benefits of laser hair removal is that it doesn't damage the skin, even if the professional doing it has to get to those coarse hairs. Plus, after several laser hair removal sessions, patients tend to see permanent hair loss, which is great because no one wants hair on their face anyway.

Another route to take is to thread your facial hair. If you get your eyebrows threaded, you already know it isn't that painful once you get use to it. Threading some of your facial hair, if you go to a professional, actually doesn't take that long unless you have a ton of hair. Threading is popular in Middle East and South Asia, and just became popular over the last few years in the United States, and costs around $35 to $60. There are countless YouTube videos of people threading their facial hair. Remember, threading is only recommended for areas where you have a small amount of facial hair. (via FeminsitingWebMD, HowStuffWorks and Discover Good Nutrition)

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Yes, facial hair can be annoying and can make you feel a little masculine, but you can't control where your hair grows. A full blown razor could damage the skin and possibly leave razor bumps. Plus, shaving your face can lead to a cycle you don't want to deal with. Did you ever shave your legs when you were a teenager because you saw your mom do it? Well, what happened when you shaved your beautiful bare legs? The hair grew back, and then you had to shave your legs regularly. Well, that can happen to your face as well; it's like opening up a can of worms. If you have facial hair, the best for you is to try every other option besides shaving first before deciding on shaving your face. You have to do what's best for you.

So, the bottom line is that it's up to you if you want to shave or not. Just keep in mind the bumps on the road that you may come across! (via My Health Tips, Hair Removal, Doc Shop)