Healing Crystals: What Are They & Do They Really Work?

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Crystals can be found in wedding and engagement rings. They can be found in jewelry stores nationwide as well. Crystals can be sold online on website like Amazon, eBay and Craigslist. You get it, they are everywhere. There are also many uses for crystals, such as in wine glasses, cell phone cases, hair clips and prom dresses, but did you know that many people claim that they have healing properties? It’s safe to say crystals are beautiful, but you are probably wondering if they really work as healing agents. (via Web MD)

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The claim to fame for healing crystals is that they supposedly communicate with your body’s energy points called "chakras" based on the crystal's characteristics. Different types of healing crystals are supposedly good for different chakras, just as different healing crystals are said to be good for healing different maladies. They are said to have medicinal use for your body and affect you in a positive way.

Here’s the process of using a healing crystal. First you would want to identify the problem you're having, like anxiety, for example. You would pick the amethyst crystal, because amethyst is said to have a calming effect, and hold it in your hand. Make sure you pick one that feels right for you. While you hold the crystal, pay close attention to what you want to be healed; in this case it would be anxiety. Then, think about your life in general. What do you want to change about it? Keep focusing on your life and your goal of getting rid of anxiety, and do that until you can "feel" it in your heart and throughout your body. Once the crystal "knows" your goals, you can now carry it around with you.

Some people make jewelry out of the crystals. Some place the crystals around their bedrooms so they can feel the energy coming off of them. According to Web MD, some licensed practitioners that work with crystal therapy say that each time you make physical or visual contact with the stone, you will be reminded of the desired outcome, intention, or goal related to the stone, which will help you achieve your goal. (via Whispering Tree and Healing Crystals)

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There are some success stories that claim that the crystal that they used helped them heal health problems, like curing joint pain, arthritis, diabetes and even HIV. While there may be claims of people being healed by these crystals, there isn’t actual scientific evidence that the crystals work. Scientists and doctors aren’t fans of healing crystals and often call them a pseudoscience, which is false science. Healthcare professionals don’t like the fact that there is no scientific evidence backing up the claims that crystals can cure your health problem. The attractive crystals with lengthy lists of healing properties may lure people right in, but to say that you can use sugilite crystal to treat HIV makes for a sketchy story. (via Bio Cab and Live Science)

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If you're on the fence on whether or not you should use healing crystals, here’s your answer. Consider seeing your doctor to see what she can do about your medical issue. Has she ever sent you home with a healing crystal? More than likely, she has not. Yes, healing crystals look beautiful to the eye and the concept behind the process is interesting, but the bottom line is that because there is no scientific evidence that they work, you can't really depend on them to cure your illness or pain. If you have a medical issue, you should see a doctor, as always.

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