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When you think about healthy living, watching TV regularly is certainly not a key ingredient that comes to mind. Instead, things like physical activity, healthy eating and a proper amount of sleep pop up on your mental checklist. While the television could play the role of protagonist in your quest for a healthier lifestyle, there are some TV shows that could motivate you to take control and teach you some ways to do it. Consider spending your allotted TV time with these shows and they just might give you that boost you need this week.

"Natural Reboot": This show takes real life women who are overwhelmed with life and helps them to face their challenges and take big steps toward a happier, healthier life. From divorced mother to working mom of triplets, "Natural Reboot" helps women to prioritize and de-clutter and focuses on anything from health and fitness to fashion and organization. You will be inspired by the stories of these women, and one of them just might speak to you personally.

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"Health Soup": David Price adds comedic relief to the topic of health and wellness trends as the host of "Health Soup." He takes viewers backstage to the biggest trends in health today including med spas, fitness classes and healthy eateries. You will probably burn some calories laughing while you watch this one and maybe even learn about something you've been wanting to try.

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(Photo: ZLiving)

"Good Food America": For those of you who love exploring the corners of America for great eateries, join healthy foods expert Chef Danny Boone as he reveals nutritious and delicious healthy food options across the nation on "Good Food America." He doesn't discriminate and gives access to all kinds of restaurants from vegetarian to vegan and independently sustained to locally grown. You will be inspired to find the freshest, healthiest food spots near you.

"Yogapalooza": This one is for the kiddos! It's not just another annoying sing along show that features overly happy adults dancing around (although it might include those things). "Yogapalooza" gets your kids up and moving, making it fun for the kids and fun for you when they're worn out and go right to sleep at nap time.

Photo Credit: ZLiving
(Photo: ZLiving)

"Hungry Girl": Lisa Lillien gives your fatty favorites a healthy makeover on Hungry Girl. You will have access to simple, guilt-free recipes that will satisfy all your womanly cravings. Lillien answers questions about recipes, food swaps, nutrition labels and more. Be inspired to purge your pantry of bad foods and get going on your health and fitness journey.

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"We Owe What?": Your financial health is vital to overall lifestyle wellness. Tackle those feelings of stress surrounding your financial struggles as Mary Caraccioli helps families just like yours get back on track with their money on "We Owe What?". Caraccioli gives hard-pressed families rules to live by that will help them be in a better place. Get your pen because you might be taking notes during this one.

"Live Big with Ali Vincent": The Biggest Loser winner, Ali Vincent, is sure to inspire you on Live Big with Ali Vincent. She lost nearly half her bodyweight in the fifth season of this hit reality show and, while she has gained some of her weight back, she is happier and healthier than ever. Watch as she inspires people to feel confident and be the best version of themselves. She encourages you not to worry about the number on the scale, but to worry about how you feel instead. Shed some tears and soak in the motivation. You can't miss this one.

Photo Credit: Disney Treasures
(Photo: Disney Treasures)

"Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger": "Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger" is all about food and full of hints, tips and recipes to add to your healthy diet. Krieger understands that life is crazy and offers recipes that are fast, simple and certainly nutritious. While this show is no longer on air, you can find all five seasons on the Food Network website.

"In Good Shape": "In Good Shape" airs weekly and covers every topic you can imagine surrounding health and wellness, including alternative medicine, fitness, nutrition and beauty. You will hear from the experts and even have the opportunity to pose your own questions.

"Aspiring Women": Specifically for the ladies, "Aspiring Women" tells stories about real life women and discusses the challenges women face each and every day. These women pull back the veil and are totally honest about the struggles of life. You will be inspired to face the day with renewed strength and tackle whatever goal you've set in your life.

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