7 Ways To Make Working Out Fun

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Sometimes working out isn't fun. In fact, for some of us, working out is never fun but we want so badly to feel the same longing burn for a workout that we feel for chocolate or salty potato chips. Whether you dread the first steps towards working out regularly or you have found yourself in a rut of boredom, try these tips for enjoying your workout and actually looking forward to a good sweat session.

Find a workout buddy. Sure, you've probably heard this tip a million times, and it just isn't the ticket for you. But having a support system that goes along with you every step of the way is a great way to be accountable for your workout. It could be that your very best friend is even worse than you when it comes to self-discipline and on the day that you complain about being too tired, she jumps on the opportunity and fully supports your decision to skip today... and tomorrow and the next day. Get someone who you know will give you a swift kick in the bum and not let you skip. Not everyone has what it takes to be the workout buddy. Be selective and then charge head-on together.

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Try something new. You've tried yoga. You've tried kickboxing. You've tried spinning. But in the end, you're that person with her face on the handlebars, trudging along on your imaginary bike ride while everyone cycles like mad people around you. Okay, so maybe those classes aren't for you. But what about hula hooping, pole dancing, dodgeball or swimming? Do your research and find those unique classes that make working out a learning experience where you are always looking forward to what you will learn that night in class. Maybe your favorite workout is an activity from the archives of your childhood that didn't seem like a workout when you were eight years old but now it makes your lungs and muscles burn. Try everything! Eventually you'll find your niche and motivation will be abundant.

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Set rewards for yourself. For instance, when you lose five pounds, you get a new tank top. When you lose ten pounds, you buy yourself a massage and pedicure. Whatever you desire, make that your reward for working out. Then remind yourself of it every single day, even while you're working out. Maybe you don't love the workout, but you definitely love that little black dress in the store window, so that's what you think about. If you're doing it with your spouse or a friend, make it a joint goal like a weekend getaway or a nice dinner. Make sure you put these things in writing and hang them up so you can see them.

Go to a new location. Grab your yoga mat and leave the house this time. Make your workouts an adventure and find a cool spot where you feel comfortable and maybe have never been before. Maybe it's a rooftop garden or a local park. Think of places you love like a beach, a mountain path or a field somewhere. Changing up the scenery could be enough to hit the refresh button on that same old workout. Plus, you'll look forward to whatever location you've picked for that week.

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Make playlists for your workouts. Music is a huge motivator for so many people. Make an upbeat playlist for your run or a slow calming playlist for yoga. Whatever the workout, search for music that will keep you going. Check out this playlist: Songs That Will Make You WANT To Work Out.

Make it a competition. Literally. Sign up for races and competitions in your area. Having a date to look forward to could keep you really excited for your training. If you do it with friends and family, it'll be even more fun because it's something you can do together and enjoy. Your workouts between races will pave the road for those days full of memories.

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Make it a game. Maybe you and your family or girlfriends get together at least weekly to watch your favorite show. Be it "The Walking Dead," "Friends" or "Scandal," there's a game for that. Rather than reverting to your college days and taking shots every time Mr. Dreamy kisses a girl on"The Bachelor," make it an exercise instead. For instance, 10 tricep dips every time Joey hits on a girl or 20 Russian twists every time someone cries. Map out your game before you watch it and build the hype with your girlfriends. You can do this with your favorite family film, too. If you do 10 pushups for every time you see Nemo's lucky fin, you'll be ripped by the end of the movie! Check out these ideas for your TV show workout game from BuzzFeed.

If working out simply isn't fun, don't lose hope. It's important that you enjoy your workouts, but sometimes you just need to buckle down and do it. Hopefully little tricks like these ones will get you to the point where boring workouts are bearable and you look forward to tomorrow's.

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