Anti-Fitness Apparel: Poking Fun at Ourselves

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Here at Skinny Mom, we love cute workout clothes. From fun-patterned leggings, to workout clothes with pockets, we can't quite get enough of it. But every once in a while, we like to have a good laugh at fitness apparel that pokes a little fun!

Fitness? More Like Fitness Whole Pizza In My Mouth Tank Top: Click here to pick out your color!

fitness pizza
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How To Workout T-Shirt: How do you workout? Hopefully most days you're a little more motivated than this shirt describes, but it's okay to have an off day! Click here to purchase.

how to workout
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Running for Beer Racerback Tank: Let's not kid ourselves. Half the reason you work out is so you can eat (or drink) just a few more calories! If a few extra laps means a drinnk with the ladies later, it's worth it! Get yours online here.

run for beer
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I Take Naps Tank: As a mom, prioritizing your life is very tricky. Sometimes when it comes down to hitting the gym or hitting the snooze button, and the gym doesn't always win! Click here to get your own.

napping tank top
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200 Squats T-Shirt: This shirt is sure to invoke a few laughs at the gym... no one has to know just how honest it is! Click here to check it out!

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Exercise... Bacon T-Shirt: This cotton T-shirt makes for a great gag gift for a friend. Everyone will get a kick out of this in the gym! Click here to buy online.

excercise bacon
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Exercise, Extra Fries T-Shirt: This ultra comfy T-shirt comes in several colors and it's so funny that this shirt will soon become a favorite! Click here for more details.

Exercis Extra Fries
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Hunger Games Workout: It doesn't matter what motivates you... as long as you get to the gym! This funny T-shirt will not only remind you to hit the gym, but it will motivate your friends too! Click here to check it out.

hunger games
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Eating All These Cookies Tank: It's not easy to be an awesome baker. And if you've made a delicious batch of cookies, it certainly takes a lot of work to finish them off! While we do not recommend binging on sweets, we do think this tank is funny! Click here to get more information.

eating all these cookies
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I Do Yoga... Just Kidding Tank Top: This tank top is more than honest! Just because you've got the pants doesn't mean you've actually made it to class! This tank makes for a great gift for a friend! Click here to get the details.

i do yoga
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