The 10 Best Ways to Eat an Avocado

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Looking for a great source of fiber that can lower your blood sugar spikes, curb your diet and prevent heart disease all in one? It's hard to believe all those benefits can be contained in one food, but this is not the first time the avocado has been described as too good to be true. These green machines fight the battle against heart disease by lowering your cholesterol levels. They're so full of fiber that they help curb your diet so you feel full and eat less after digesting one. In addition to curbing your diet, it has several vitamins in it like vitamin K, B6 and vitamin C. Not only are there many health benefits to the avocado, but there are also many different ways to eat it!

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Smoothies: Yes, you can eat avocados in smoothies! They are found in many green smoothies. For you moms on the go, make your smoothie, pour it in a water bottle and go conquer your day. Try this recipe from California Avocado by clicking here. 

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Dips: This is one of the most common ways you could eat avocados! Bringing some avocado dip to the party can be great and inexpensive. Creamy and smooth, it pretty much melts in your mouth. It can be eaten with chips, pretzels and celery sticks! Also, mixing avocados with salsa make the perfect combination for some great tortilla chips. The dip is usually served at room temperature, but it can be served cold as well. Have it your way! Check out our Black Bean, Corn and Avocado Dip by clicking here.

Burgers: Topping some avocado on a burger definitely adds a different, but delicious, taste to a burger. Instead of your usual sugar-filled ketchup, try adding a tasty avocado to the mix. If your kids don't like fruit on their food, try topping the burger with an avocado slice. Now, if your child is a picky eater, place the avocado right under a layer of cheese so she won't see it before she takes a bit. We bet she'll love it! Here are some avocado burger recipes from Avocado Central.

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Soup: There are so many different kinds of soups in the grocery markets, but have you ever heard of avocado in the soup form? You can make it in a pot with other ingredients you want to add, like onions, tomatoes or spices. Just think of how satisfied you will be when you make this for a quick dinner. Maybe your slow cooker will come in handy if you're week is booked to capacity; that way, when you get home from a long day of work, your avocado soup will be ready to serve. Click here for avocado soups.

Salads: It isn't uncommon to see avocados in salads. It's great to eat it this way because it's incorporated with other healthy ingredients like lettuce,tomatoes and onions, and can take a salad from zero to 100. Click here for our Grilled Chicken Peach and Avocado Salad!

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Pancakes: This already sounds impressive, because you can't go wrong with pancakes. If you are really struggling with your sweet tooth, you should give these avocado pancakes a try, because they're not meant to be sweet like most pancakes. Add some tomatoes and sour cream to them to make it it your own. Click here for the avocado pie recipes.

Avocado Pancakes
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With a spoon: Who says you can't eat them right out of the middle with a spoon? Since the shape of the avocado is round, it almost gives you that support you need to stick a spoon in it. Just make sure to eat the avocado when it's soft and not ripe! It's so simple, it almost seems too easy! The best part about eating it this way is that because you are scooping all of the avocado out, you get to taste every bit of it.

With chocolate: This combination doesn't sound like it would be good, but it is. There are actually a ton of chocolate and avocado recipes that look pretty good! Just imagine them being mixed together, that could be one amazing sight to see. Take a look at this recipe for chocolate and avocado cookies!

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Ice cream: You probably didn't think this was possible, but it is! There is a science to making avocado ice cream — it isn't just scooping the avocados out and putting them on an ice cream cone. Click here for the recipe! 

Salad Dressing: It's amazing how you can transform a ripe avocado into creamy form. Put avocado salad dressing on any salad if you want to add some color and taste to it. Don't forget to put some sort of seasoning on it like black pepper to bring out the taste! Check out the recipe here!