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Wax paper is one of those staples you always keep stocked right next to the aluminum foil, plastic baggies and saran wrap. Perhaps you only use it every now and then when you bake, lining your countertops to cool cookies and whatnot. But there are more ways to use your wax paper that will make life easier and eliminate little nuisances you never knew how to fix. Here are some tricks wax paper has kept up its sleeve until now.

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Clean bathroom fixtures: Rub wax paper over the entire surface of your faucets and other fixtures to keep them shiny and free of water spots. Not only will it make your bathroom sparkle, but your bathroom fixtures will stay clean longer.

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Fix sticky zippers: If you have a tricky zipper that causes trouble, try rubbing wax paper over the zipper teeth. Your zippers will glide a lot more smoothly!

Easy cake decorating: Cut a sheet of wax paper to the size of the cake surface and apply your message or image there instead of on the cake. When it meets your standards for perfection, slide your artwork into the freezer. Later, remove carefully with a spatula and place it onto the cake. Who needs a professional cake decorator when you have wax paper?

Photo Credit: Moey's Heart and Hearth
(Photo: Photo Credit: Moey's Heart and Hearth)

Re-cork your wine bottles: Wrap a square of wax paper around your wine cork before you try to jam it back in. It will create a seal that is easy to apply and easy to pop back out again when you're ready to finish the bottle.

Line the drawers and shelves in your fridge: Use sheets of wax paper to cover your shelves in your fridge and line the drawers to create a subtle yet effective protective layer between the surface and food and grime. When you clean your fridge, just strip the wax paper and replace it with another sheet. Keeping your refrigerator clean will be a cinch!

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Use as a makeshift funnel: When you need to get something into a small opening and don't want the mess, roll up some wax paper to use as a makeshift funnel. The wax will help keep the sides sturdy while you pour.

Cover food in the microwave: When you heat food in the microwave, cover it with a sheet of wax paper so you don't have a mess on your hands when things splatter or bubble over.

Use it to start a fire: Wax paper ignites very quickly and can be a great help in starting a fire. Don't just crumple it into a ball because although it will light quickly, it will burn too fast. Instead, try folding it up into a small square. It will burn slow and steady for about five minutes.

Wax paper transfers: Print the image you want to transfer on a sheet of wax paper. Immediately after it prints, place it onto your surface of choice and use a hard, thin object like a credit card to press the image onto the surface. Check out the instructions on Unexpected Elegance for more detailed directions.

Photo Credit: DIY Projects Journal
(Photo: Photo Credit: DIY Projects Journal)

Protect Your Dishes: Layer sheets of wax paper between your pots and pans when you stack them. This will protect them from rust and scratches.

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