Work Out While Traveling: DVDs & Airport Gyms

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Traveling can really mess with your mojo, thanks to the constant sedentary position you’re in, the time changes, random meals and overall stress that comes with it. Most hotels offer a fitness center, but let’s be honest for a second: Who knows what to actually do in there? Your sentiments are not alone. In fact, there are several resources for hotel workouts and there are several airports that have exercise facilities inside of them. Really. Click here for five moves you can definitely do in your hotel suite.

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If you’re stuck at an airport during a layover, chances are you can slip away for a stress-relieving workout. Even if there isn't a designated gym or studio space inside the airport, you can probably pay for admission into an airport hotel's fitness center. Here’s a list of several US cities with airports that have given exercise priority seating:

  • Chicago: Hilton Fitness Center $11-$19 per day
  • San Francisco: Yoga Room
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul: Walking Path sponsored by the American Heart Association
  • Dallas/Fort Worth: Terminal D was turned into a yoga room, and a 24-Hour StayFit gym via Grand Hyatt for $30 per day
  • Baltimore/Washington: 12.5 mile paved trail encompassing the airport
  • Detroit: $15 a day for Westin hotel fitness center or a 3- or 5-mile running route created by New Balance
  • Indianapolis: Walking path inside airport 1.1 miles between concourses A and B
  • Cleveland: 2-mile walking path with healthy living tips posted throughout

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Once at the hotel, you might benefit from a morning workout before you hit the conference room or convention center. Even if you’re traveling for fun, a workout can help you stay on track with your sleep routine and diet. Here are some popular and proven DVDs you can pop into your laptop while on the road: 

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