12 Gift Ideas For the Healthy Cook in Your Life

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Whether it's a holiday or a birthday, giving a thoughtful gift can be tricky. If your loved one loves to cook or bake, then giving them something practical is always a great idea! Here are 12 ideas for the healthy cook in your life!

Cuisipro Herb Keeper: When you cook with fresh ingredients, you don't want anything to go to waste! This device is perfect for storing leftover herbs for their next fancy meal! Click here to order one.

cuisipro herb keeper
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101 Piece Cookie Cutter Set: This package of cookie cutters ranges from holiday shapes to circles. No matter what the occasion, giving this set to a friend is the perfect way to ensure that some homemade cookies will be headed your way! Click here to see what's included.

101 cookie cutter set
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Cheat Sheet Measuring Apron: You may recognize this apron from Shark Tank! It's got measuring conversions printed on the bottom of the apron so there's no more guessing when you bake! See it here.

the smart baker apron
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Mini Happy Mixing Spoons: Bring a smile to the kitchen with this adorable mixing set! These happy little spoons can be put to work making your favorite treats! Order them online here.

mini happy mixing spoons
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Chip Maker and Slicing Set: Instead of snacking on unhealthy potato chips, make your own! Use potatoes or another fruit or veggie to prepare a healthy snack. Click here to view the details.

mastard chip maker
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Joseph and Joseph Rinse and Chop Board: This cutting board can fold and double as a colander, so after chopping your veggies, you can clean them with little hassle! To get one for your favorite chef, click here.

cutting board colander
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Fixie Pizza Cutter: This pizza cutter is perfect for a pizza lover who doubles as a cyclist. When you make a homemade pizza, you can cut in style. And when you're not using it, it makes for adorable counter decor. To purchase, click here.

fixie pizza cutter
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RSVP Herb Scissors: Cut your herbs quickly, neatly and wherever you want them with these uniquely designed scissors! Featuring three sharp blades, these scissors allow you to cook fresh! Click here to check them out.

rsvp herb scissors
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Varietal Honey Flight: For any foodie interested in honey, this is the perfect gift. They will have a marvelous time pairing it with different teas, cheese and sweets! To learn more about the variety, click here.

varietal honey flight
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DIY Butter Kit: Is your personal baker a hands-on kind of person? If so, they'll love making their own butter with this kit! To check it out, click here.

DIY butter kit
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Personalized Cutting Board: This is the perfect anniversary or newlywed gift because you can add a personalized touch to a couples kitchen! To order yours today, click here.

personalized cutting bored
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Sink Drainer Cutting Board: Chop any fruit of vegetable on this cutting board, then rinse your goods with ease by holding the drain of the board under the faucet! To read reviews and get more information, click here.

cutting bored drainer
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