Badass Workouts That Aren't Just For Men

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Remember when "you throw like a girl" was an insult? Those days have passed and now women compete in some of the most masculine sports and keep up with their male counterparts in every activity. But why is it that some women still shy away from certain workouts because they are dominated by men? The truth is that women have made their way into every facet of health and fitness. So put on your big girl pants and challenge yourself to conquer these kick-butt workouts. Your dream body awaits.

Rowing: It's the new spinning. Rowing works with resistance in two directions as opposed to one direction as in cycling. Plus, it burns two to three times more calories than cycling. Every stroke works the entire body and the form is a welcome challenge when you've mastered the art of spinning. The guys think they have a secret with this one, but the ladies are taking the hint. So ditch the bike for a week and don't be intimidated by all the testosterone on the rowing machines. You got this, girl. (via Women's Health)

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Boxing: You don't have to be fluent in the art of throwing chairs to get a kick butt workout with gloves on. According to Shape, boxing burns 600 calories while working your arms, legs, core and shoulders. In addition, boxing challenges you to master the form and focus on your body movements, helping to condition your mind while also chiseling your body with strength. Not only will boxing help you tone and tighten, but it will also aid as a stress release and confidence builder. (via We Women)

Weight Lifting: You walk into the gym, see the weight rack and machines teeming with men of every variety and you walk the other way, finding comfort in your routine on the elliptical. Next time, take a deep breath and march into that madness. Lifting weights is a vital part to losing weight and toning your body to that lean, fit shape you desire. Lifting weights helps you burn more calories at rest and shed fat more effectively. Once you get the hang of things, you'll feel more confident, too. The benefits of adding in a lifting workout in addition to your cardio are truly worth that initial fear of the unknown.

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Jiu Jitsu: This gem breaks the mold of "fitness class" and challenges you beyond anything you think you can accomplish. Jiu Jitsu teaches defensive techniques that use an attacker's momentum against them, particularly smaller individuals. It teaches control of the body while also having control over the mind in the midst of what could be panic and stress. In the process of learning self-defense mechanisms, you can score a great bod and sweet moves. Break out of your comfort zone and learn something new. Your body will thank you.

Whatever you are doing now to stay in shape and challenge yourself isn't wrong. But if you feel like your workouts are missing something and you just don't get a good sweat that makes you feel like a champ at the end, maybe it's time to shake things up and try some of these bad ass workouts of which you might otherwise steer clear. Your hard work and success should give you the confidence to take on each day and win. If your workout isn't doing that for you, don't argue. Try one of the kick ass variety.

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